How I Chose a Different Way From Others: Discarding All the Herbs and Spices

Recently, I have talked about the changes I have experienced over the past month. I discarded many things during that period. And I also disposed of all the herbs and spices in my kitchen. So, I’ll talk about it today.

The fear of going a different way from others

We often want to stop doing disgusting things, such as long working hours, being with people we don’t like, heavy stress, or a life without freedom. They often make us suffer. So we want to get away from such disgusting situations.

But sometimes we cannot do it because we have to go a different way than others. There is no guarantee that our path is safe. Sometimes, it would be risky and could kill us. So, we often hesitate to go our own way.

At such a time, my experience might encourage you in some way. So today, I’ll talk about it.

Discarding things that made me exhausted

These several months were a discarding period for me. I have discarded many of my items and habits.

One of them is that I disposed of all herbs and spices except black pepper in my kitchen. In addition, I changed my meals to eat mainly meat, nuts, and a little sweetness. After many trials and errors, I found that such an eating style put me in good condition.

Perhaps many people know that we need to eat some grains and a lot of vegetables to be “healthy.” Many experts recommend it. I also know that. I had tried such meals for a long time to improve my health.

But in my case, it didn’t give me health. Carbs damaged my liver. On the other hand, my style gave me a far more healthy body.

Choosing my way

Such a time, which way do we take? One is the way that many people guarantee to be safe, but it is painful for us, and we don’t know why it doesn’t work for us. The other is a risky, unknown way, but we feel the value and energy to try.

And I chose the latter. I felt this was my way to try.

As I mentioned above, the past month was a discarding period for me. And it was also time for me to face my honesty. The trigger was my heat stroke. That made me exhausted. So, I seriously needed to reduce things and habits that made me tired.

When discarding my unnecessary things, I asked myself, “To be honest, is this necessary for my happiness?”, or “To be honest, do I want to live with this for the rest of my life?” while checking each item and habit I have had. I repeated it many times, every day, over the past month.

Honesty leads us to be more honest

After we get a little honest with ourselves, we can be more honest with ourselves. So we can grow our honesty with ourselves little by little.

In my case, I noticed, “To be honest, I didn’t want to eat grains, such as rice, pasta, or noodles.” That awareness gave me new notice: “To be honest, I like the taste of meat and fish!” “I want to eat meat, nuts, and a little sweetness for every meal!”

Such awareness gave me energy. And I now judge my future based on whether I have the energy for it. So I decided to go my way, which had no guarantee, but I had a lot of energy to try it.

Going with the things that we love

Discarding my herbs and spices is the same. We can go with the things that we love. That also gives us energy.

In my case, I had a great condiment—my fermented sauce. “To be honest, do I want to live with this fermented sauce for the rest of my life?” I asked myself. And the answer was, “Yes! Absolutely!”

My fermented sauce was the same as me. Although the characteristic is unusual, it has great possibilities. My fermented sauce has far more umami than any other condiment. But it is still unpolished. If I develop this, I believe it will give us great taste.

On the other hand, when I asked myself, “To be honest, do I want to live with these usual herbs and spices for the rest of my life?” The answer was “Not so much.” I liked them, such as curry powder, Chinese five spices, or oregano. But I wanted the new possibility rather than these “usual” tastes.

So I chose such a future. My honesty made me do so.


So I discarded all herbs and spices in my kitchen. Now, I only use black pepper for its superficial flavor. And I enjoy developing my sauce.

My honesty led me this way.

If we can feel such energy of honesty, we might be able to choose our ways.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.