We Can Rebuild Our Lives From Scratch, Even if We Lose Many Things

Today, let’s talk about how to have the confidence to change. I think we can rebuild our lives from scratch, even if we lose many things. If we create such confidence from a small area, we might be able to have the confidence to change.

The fear to lose

We often want to change our lives, especially when we suffer from our circumstances. We want to move to another place and rebuild our lifestyles.

In my case, I wanted to move to the countryside and live more quietly when I worked in large cities. I desired my ideal lifestyle, such as waking up naturally without an alarm clock, working only in the morning with my favorite work, and creating my everyday life by hand during my remaining time. I imagined such a frugal, ideal life.

But I had not been able to take action for a long time because I had fears of losing many comfortable things. I had many comfortable things, such as many cookwares, too many cleaners, and many items for taking baths.

I understood in my head that I could live without them. But I was afraid to lose them. In other words, I didn’t have confidence. That prevented me from taking action to begin my ideal, slow life.

But recently, I had such confidence. I realized I could rebuild my life from scratch, even if I lost many things.

Creating a substitution for soy sauce

To explain it, let me talk about my recent iconic experience. As I mentioned in an earlier post (this article), about 3 months ago, I discarded a lot of my seasonings because I began making fermented foods. My fermented sauce was far more delicious than store-bought ones. So I discarded the unnecessary store-bought ones.

But I had a big problem. There was no substitution for soy sauce. By the way, I like to eat fish as sashimi. When we eat sashimi, we usually use soy sauce. Soy sauce is a great condiment. That is well-balanced and tasty, especially for sashimi. But I needed to develop another substitution because I had discarded it too. And it was difficult.

But at last, I finally developed it! I made my new dipping sauce for sashimi. It is based on fermented, dried shiitake mushroom sauce. And I added saltiness, plum vinegar from the Japanese traditional food umeboshi, a little sugar, and a little pepper. This is great, especially for salmon. It tastes like a little mayonnaise because it contains mushrooms’ protein and vinegar.

It gave me confidence

Then I realized I could make substitutions and fulfillments, even for the basic things like soy sauce. It gave me the confidence to rebuild my life from scratch. I’ll create something even if I lose many things. If I lose my bed, I will make a substitution. If I lose many food stocks, I will find new affordable foods and make substitutions.

Of course, we will struggle for a while after the loss. But the more basic things we lose, the more we concentrate on creating substitutes for them.

And I think that concentrating on something is fun for creators. I enjoyed creating my new sauce. That was a kind of experiment. Every time I ate sashimi, I prepared a lot of condiments on my dinner table to try.


So I think we can rebuild our lives from scratch, even if we lose many things. And we can get such confidence from a small area, like making a substitute for soy sauce.

If we can get such confidence, we might be able to take action to create our ideal lives easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.