Country People Sometimes Don’t Lock Their Houses; Such a Lifestyle Also Looks Good!

This year, I come to value real life more than virtual life. I simplified my use of the internet. And I’m spending more time in everyday life.

Recently, I have been fascinated by life without expensive things. So today, let’s talk about it.

The life of not locking our houses

I have heard this phrase several times in the past. “People living in the countryside don’t lock their houses.” You might also have heard it in the past. And some of my older acquaintances who live in the countryside did so. They said with a laugh, “There is nothing expensive at home to steal.”

I felt they were lacking caution to danger at that time. But now, I think that is one of the ideal lifestyles for me.

They can live well only with affordable things that nobody wants to steal. It means that they lived lighter lives.

The image of my free life

Let’s assume this lifestyle. We have a few precious things, such as a little cash and identity cards. We easily carry them with us. But the other things are not essential in our lives. And we can enjoy our lives freely.

We don’t need to do disgusting jobs because we can live well even if we don’t have a lot of money. We can make tasty foods or comfortable environments with our creativity.

And our tools for them are good but not expensive. So nobody wants to steal.

Comfortable countryside living

In addition, living in the countryside makes life comfortable for those who want to live quietly. Strangers never visit us.

There are a lot of cheap materials to make our lives enjoyable because we live in the countryside. There is a rich nature we can enjoy. We can see beautiful sea and mountains of nature. We can create woodwork or furniture with wood. We can plant and harvest fruit trees in our garden. We can fish in the sea or river. We can warm up with wood by the fireplace in the winter.

And we can enjoy creating things such as homemade soaps, candles, bags, baskets, or furniture. Creating is fun for us. But perhaps many people don’t want to steal them.

I like such a life. It’s free, light, more natural, and more fun for me.


So recently, I have been fascinated by life without expensive things.

Although I never recommend this lifestyle for those living in the city area, living without locking my house is one of my ideal lifestyles. And now I’m creating such a lifestyle.

If we realize that there are various ways of living like that, we might be able to live more freely without doing disgusting work.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.