There Are Also Chances With the Things That Everyone Doesn’t Need

Let’s talk about my favorite way to find value. I think there are also chances with the things that everyone doesn’t need.

My experience of getting old things

As I mentioned in the previous article (this article), about a week ago, I got several pieces of old furniture and woodworking tools for free from the nearby closed shop. Although I needed to repair and clean them, now they have regained their beauty.

And I felt it was fun to live by collecting things that everyone didn’t need.

There could be value

We often hesitate to get things that everyone doesn’t need. Sometimes we might feel it’s like a garbage collection. And many people seem to want what many people want.

But in many cases, there could be values in such things that everyone doesn’t need. Because if they are completely worthless, we call them “harmful” or “toxic”. We don’t describe it as “need.” So we describe “I don’t need them.” In other words, we can find some value if we watch them from another perspective.

If we understand this logic, the rest is simple. We can find values if we watch them from another perspective. That gives us value.

People’s values change with each situation

And I think that many people’s values often change with each situation. It’s like a cycle. For example, people might value social praise in some situations. But in other situations, people often want to live more slowly.

If we look at it from a long-term perspective, neither has a big difference. It’s just a difference in timing. We can get value from both.

I think my style is for those who don’t want to compete. We can live comfortably without competition. We can also have values with such a long-term view, even if we don’t compete with others.


So I think there could be chances with the things that everyone doesn’t need.

If we can have this viewpoint, we might be able to get more value.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.