Living With Old Items Gave Me Peace of Mind

I’ll talk about a lifestyle I like. Recently, I realized that I like to live with old items, and it gave me peace of mind.

I like old items

Last month, a nearby small store closed. The shop was old. These days, the shop has begun to provide waste items for free for cleanup. There were old but still usable items, such as furniture, tools, cloth, thread, bags, and boxes.

Many people seem not to like such old items. But I realized that I like such things. They are often more essential and functional. We can use them in multiple ways if we have time and creativity. So I can create many things with them.

In addition, sometimes old, everyday tools are carefully made. So they are often more durable if we use them carefully.

Living with old things

I got several pieces of furniture and woodworking tools that I had wanted for a long time. They were dusty and dirty. But after I cleaned and repaired them carefully, they have become beautiful, even though they are old.

We often buy cheap ones, such as plastic tools or disposable utensils. They are cheap and convenient. But in such a case, I think we tend to buy more and more items because we can easily buy them. And it increases our reliance on money.

On the other hand, if we have essential, durable, and functional tools, we seldom need to buy new items. We can use our tools. So we can live without relying on money. It gives us peace of mind, especially for those who don’t want to do disgusting work for money.


So I realized that I like to live with old items. These items gave me peace of mind.

If we want a peaceful life, such a lifestyle may be one of our options.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.