It’s Fun to Create Something Original

Today, I’ll talk about my creative feelings. I think it’s fun to create something original. And if we can feel this, we might be able to enjoy comfortable and energetic lives.

I began to make my sauces

As I mentioned in earlier posts, recently, I have been fascinated with fermentation. Fermentation is one of the food-preserving methods using bacteria. I still enjoy it. Perhaps I will make fermented foods throughout my lifetime.

And these days, I have begun to make new sauces with these fermented foods. There are many sauces of condiments, such as soy sauces, hot chili sauces, fish sauces, Worcestershire sauces, oyster sauces, and siracha. What I’m making is like them, but a new one.

Now, I have two sauces that I created:

  • Chinese-American-styled BBQ sauce: A little spicy sauce with sesame flavor. Suitable for not only grilling but also spicy soups.
  • Japanese mushroom & onion sauce: Centered on the umami of mushrooms. This tastes like sukiyaki sauce with more mushroom umami. This is best for soups.

I made them with many fermented vegetables and fruits, such as onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, pineapple, peaches, and other fruits. They are not aged yet, but they are already unique and delicious. And they are free of food additives.

Making unique things is fun

I think it’s fun to create something unique. We can make the best for ourselves. For example, if we like sour foods and want to add more sourness to the sauce, we can easily add it.

I think that the more characteristics we have, the more creating unique things work. Because we cannot be satisfied with store-bought products. We want something to fill us up. But the goods on the shelves in the stores seldom fulfill us. We always have the thirst or energy to do something.

And nobody tells us what fulfills us. We have to find them ourselves. Sometimes, it might be a sauce. Sometimes, it might be a way of thinking. Sometimes, it might be a possibility or a new lifestyle.

Of course, people who have average characteristics can do the same as everyone else. If we have such a mediocre nature, all we have to do is follow the teachings of the great people around us.

But if we have unique characteristics, we need to find them ourselves. And it gives us more comfortable and energetic lives.


So I think it’s fun to create something original, especially for those who have characteristics.

We can create our lives with our creativity.

If we can feel this, we might be able to enjoy comfortable and energetic lives.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.