Sometimes We Can Make Our Dreams Come True Without Moving to Another Place

Let’s talk about making our dreams come true. I think that sometimes we can make our dreams come true without moving to another place.

The places where our dreams come true

I’m sure some people reading this blog have dreams. And sometimes, we want to move to another place to make our dreams come true.

For example, assume that we want to live quietly. Perhaps we would want to move to a quiet place, such as a rural area, a forest, a lakeside, or the seaside. If we can do it, we will make our dreams come true directly.

But recently, I noticed that sometimes it doesn’t need to move to another place. We might be able to do it in our current location.

My dream of fishing

To explain it, let me talk about my case. I wanted to live very close to the sea for a long time. Because I can go fishing easily. I liked fishing so much at a young age. So a life with fishing was one of my ideal lives.

But recently I noticed that I was able to start such a life here right away. These days, I have been able to have more time in the afternoon. And after I felt I had time, my fascination with fishing sparked. I live in a seaside area, and I can go to the river or sea with my bicycle.

In other words, I misunderstood the way to make my dreams come true. It was not a matter of location. It was just a matter of my free time. I had been busy in the daytime for a long time. So I wanted to move to a more seaside location to go fishing in a short time.

But after I had some free time in the afternoon, I suddenly noticed that I could do it easily.

Misunderstanding how to realize it

I think we sometimes misunderstand how to realize our dreams like that. It is a matter of free time, but we desire a better place.

And it is not just a place and time. There can also be other combinations of misunderstandings.


So I think that sometimes we can make our dreams come true without moving to another place. Sometimes we misunderstand cause and effect.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to make our dreams come true right away.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.