The New Thing That I Am Interested in Is… Fishing!

Recently, I have been fascinated by a new thing. That is fishing! So today, I’ll talk about our interests and lifestyles. Although I have talked about this often, this is one of the essential lifestyles in my life.

Is continuing with one thing good?

Sometimes, we feel that it’s better to continue with one thing. We may sometimes think that it gives us higher talent. Or sometimes, we may feel that the new activity is too unrelated to our past activities and doesn’t suit us.

For example, if we have a hobby like drawing, we may feel it’s better to concentrate on it. Fascinating surfing could feel like deceiving our lives or not being ourselves.

But I think it gives us direction in our lives. So I’ll talk about my case.

Interests give us directions for our lives

I’m the curious type. So I have been fascinated with many things. This year alone, I was fascinated with many things, such as organization, making yogurt, baking bread, and fermentation.

I enjoy them with concentration when I am interested in them. So I was able to learn them in a short time. And after I am satisfied, I enjoy another thing.

It looks unrelated at the beginning, but it has a certain direction if we look at the long term. Perhaps it is to reduce my reliance on money. I want to live more self-sufficiently and freely. So I would have been fascinated with them.

Interests indicate the direction

And these interests indicate the direction of my life. My pantry organization led me to make yogurt. Making yogurt led me to bake bread. And these led me to fermentation. These interests are steps to fill me.

So I came to realize that I wanted to go in the direction of self-sufficiency.

And now I’m fascinated by fishing. Perhaps this is the same reason. I live in the seaside area. So I can fish easily. And it will lead me to a new place.


So I think new curiosities give us direction in our lives.

A person who likes drawing might start drawing beautiful oceans if he is fascinated by surfing.

If we understand this direction, we might be able to live more enjoyable lives.

There might be more fishing-related articles in the future.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.