What I Eat if I Lose Almost All My Money

Let’s talk about how to reduce our reliance on money. I’ll talk about what I eat if I lose almost all my money.

Reducing our reliance on money

One day, I saw someone tweet, “I want to rest from my work, but I have to work to eat.” He seemed exhausted by his disgusting work. Perhaps we often see such people.

And sometimes we feel so, too. We sometimes have to work to eat, no matter how disgusting the job is. In such situations, we tend to rely on our money to cover the fatigue of work. As a result, we need more money and have to work harder. Bad cycles begin.

In such a case, reducing our reliance on money is a good option. If we do it well, our lives will be lighter. That makes it easier to take rest or reduce our working time.

And we can relax if we can live healthily and comfortably, even with a bit of money. So, let’s talk about my case. I’ll talk about what I eat if I have almost no money.

I’ll eat these every day

If I lose almost all my money, I’ll make and eat these 3 foods every day:

  • Sourdough starter pudding: simmered pudding with fermented wheat. This is like congee, a Chinese rice pudding.
  • Sourdough starter pancakes: pancakes with fermented wheat. This is easy-to-make sourdough bread.
  • Yogurt: fermented milk.

The ingredients we have to buy are only 4 or 5:

  • Flour (cheap pastry flour is enough)
  • Salt: for sourdough
  • Vegetable oil: for sourdough pancakes
  • Milk: for yogurt
  • Sugar: for yogurt, optional

We can make very affordable, delicious, and reasonably healthy meals with these.

Fermentation is the key

The main factor is fermentation. Fermentation is one of the food-preserving methods. But it also increases nutrition. Sourdough and yogurt are both fermented foods.

In addition, fermentation makes foods delicious. Sourdough bread is delicious only with salt because it has a sour and umami flavor from fermentation. If you have not tasted it yet, try it. It tastes like potatoes with umami. And we can get proteins from yogurt. I think yogurt fills us up easier, even if it is a small amount.

It will be rewarding, although the sourdough starter takes around 1–2 weeks to ferment. And to make cooking easy, I cook sourdough starter directly instead of baking sourdough bread. In addition, we can prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar by eating slowly and chewing well.

So we can eat these meals deliciously and healthily. I can eat these every day. I already include these foods in my daily meals. I want to eat them, whether I have money or not. Sourdough starter pancakes feel like one of the yummy, addictive snacks, especially.


So if I lose almost all my money, I’ll eat them, especially sourdough starter pancakes. I want to open the original recipe someday after I create the perfect one.

I introduced my meal plan this time, but we can prepare plans for many aspects of our lives, such as living places, clothing, or having fun.

If we had such affordable and comfortable life plans, we might be able to reduce disgusting work for money.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.