Perhaps Walking or Jogging Gives Us Concentration

These days, I’m training my weakened muscles because I had been in bad health until a week ago. And I noticed a thing through this experience.

So, let’s talk about physical strength and muscle training today.

Sometimes, creation requires hard work

Sometimes, creation requires hard work. So we sometimes need not only good health but also some physical strength. Of course, we could avoid such physical work with our wisdom, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

In such situations, walking or jogging would give us concentration. And this could be one of the most effective ways to gain it.

Why leg and hip muscles are important

This is because the legs and hip muscles are the most basic in the body.

To explain this, let me talk about myself. As I mentioned above, I have weakened muscles now. And I noticed that whatever I did, it was hard with my weak legs and hips. I was surprised at how quickly I got tired. In addition, it became difficult to concentrate on one thing.

Then I noticed that our legs and hip muscles make up our stamina. Even if we use only our upper bodies, it is easy to get tired if our legs and hips don’t support them.

But once we train our legs and hip muscles, we will be able to concentrate on one thing and work harder.

So I recommend walking for creators who want more concentration. Walking is the best comfort training for me. Once we get used to it, we will feel comfortable.


So I think walking or jogging gives us concentration. I’m also training them now.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to create our lives healthier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.