Riding on the Negative Wave Is a Transition; It’s Not an Obstacle

At last, my summer came! I had been in ill health until several days ago. But now, I feel recovered, although I still need to train my weakened muscles. As I mentioned in the previous article (this article), fasting for 24 hours was the turning point of my illness.

And through this ill health, I realized that riding on the negative wave is a transition. It’s not our obstacle. So, let’s talk about this today.

How to deal with the “negative waves”

We usually have plans to accomplish our goals. But we sometimes have to wait or be forced to go against our goals. There could be many troubles, such as sickness, delays, mistakes, or other boring things that need to be done.

At such times, we usually refuse to ride on the “negative waves” because we feel they prevent us from achieving our goals.

But I recently felt that riding on the negative wave is transitioning to change our states. It doesn’t prevent our goals in many cases.

It was a transition, not a sickness

For example, as I mentioned above, I had been sick until several days ago. But to be precise, I think it was a transition, not a sickness.

Because it was necessary to change my body to adapt to the summer. Our livers store more fat during the winter to endure the cold. But keeping a lot of fat during the summer is unnecessary and unhealthy. So to change our bodies to adapt to the summer, our bodies stop the desire to eat and release overmuch fat. At that time, we sometimes need to sleep more.

We don’t say necessary things as “sickness.” So I can say it is a “transition.”

Finishing something to start something

Another example is waiting. We feel annoyed when we are forced to wait. I think the more we are in a hurry, the more we tend to be caught at the traffic light or with other things to do.

But I think it is necessary in many cases. If it’s just a matter of waiting, we can wait without hurrying up. In such situations, we can wait for traffic lights calmly.

In other words, misunderstanding the problem makes us annoyed. We have other problems to be solved or finished. Traffic lights are not evil.

At such a time, we need to change something about our state. So I can say it is a “transition.”

It is not an obstacle

These negative things are not obstacles. These are transitory processes that change our states.

And to solve these problems, we need to face them. In other words, if we ride on the negative wave, we could move to a new state. We need to finish something to start something.


So I realized that riding on the negative wave is a transition. It’s not our obstacle.

We usually reject negative things. But I think it’s a necessary process to achieve our goals.

If we understood this logic, we might be able to change ourselves and accomplish our goals faster.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.