The Satisfaction of “Well Done for the First Time” Indicates Long-Lasting Fun

Today, I’ll talk about our long-lasting fun. I think the satisfaction of “well done for the first time” indicates long-lasting fun.

A desire for long-lasting fun

Sometimes, I see someone who wants long-lasting fun. They often say, “I cannot last one thing.” So they try many things but usually fail.

Sometimes we might have such a desire, especially when we taste an outstanding performance. The performance is produced by an expert who has concentrated on one thing. Heart-moving songs, heart-touching stories, or overwhelming pictures—such products touch us. At such times, we often feel, “I want some fun activities that last longer, too.”

At such a time, we might be able to follow the satisfaction of “well done for the first time.” It might indicate our long-lasting fun.

Satisfaction makes for our long-lasting funs

The logic is simple. When we say “well done for the first time,” there is total satisfaction in the creating process. In other words, if these activities are based on our wants, and there is no desire for social evaluation, we can say so.

We are usually satisfied with the result when we can say, “Well done for the first time.” Perhaps there are some failed parts. But it means that it fulfilled our core wants. And failed parts are the next improvement that we can modify. So we want to try again because the next one will fulfill us more.

Of course, we could fail in our core values. But in that case, we cannot give them up because they are based on our wants. So after feeling depressed and clearing our emotions, we usually regain the energy to try it again.

Painful things don’t last

On the contrary, when we feel “this result is unacceptable,” it is difficult to last long because there is no satisfaction. Painful things don’t last. We often have this feeling when we want only praise or acceptance from others.

In my case, I have both long-term and short-term fun. For example, blogging, cooking, walking, and thinking about our lives may be my long-term fun. And these days, organization, making yogurt, baking bread, and fermentation may be my short-term fun.

And I felt in all those first results, “Well done for the first time.” But all my attempts to be praised or accepted didn’t last.


So I think the satisfaction of “well done for the first time” indicates long-lasting fun.

If we followed this feeling, we might be able to find satisfaction and long-lasting fun.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.