This Is Why Affordable Things Give Us Peace of Mind for the Future

Let’s talk about how to get a peaceful mind for the future. If we want peace of mind for the future, I think that it’s better to combine our preparations with our affordable things.

The fears of future risks

Several months ago, I found a YouTube video when I searched for videos about food preparation. That video introduced a man who prepared a lot of food stockpiles for an emergency. The food amount was enough to live on for about 3000 days (over 8 years) for his family.

Depending on our personalities, I think that there are two types of people. One is people who live in the present. The other is people who want to prepare for the future. And the more of the latter characteristics we have, the more we tend to fear future risks. So there are people who want to prepare heavily for the future.

But if we wanted to prepare for the future and tried to do the same, we would have another anxiety. Because we each have different situations. We usually don’t have such a large space to store food. We also usually don’t have the same affordability as the man above. It would cause another problem.

At such a time, it would be better to combine our preparations with affordable things for us. It would give us peace of mind for the future.

The wrong preparation

I think that the preparation that causes a similar amount of anxiety is not preparation. Because preparation is a solution. A solution doesn’t create any other problems. In other words, it just changed the type of anxiety.

For example, if we store a lot of foods that feed us for over 8 years, we would have another problem and anxiety. When it is an emergency and we have to escape somewhere else, these stored foods will be not only useless but also a burden. And we will have anxieties about maintenance costs.

Another example is someone who wants a lot of money. However, if he gets it, he will usually have new anxiety about not losing it.

These are not preparations. They just swapped the type of anxiety. These preparations will work only for those who don’t need to worry about new problems.

What is affordable for us

So we need to “connect” these preparations with affordable things for us. If we can use something affordable to solve new problems, we can reduce our anxiety.

Therefore, we need to know what is affordable for us. The man who stored a lot of food might have had a lot of extra space, time, and a vegetable garden to make food. So he was able to do it without anxiety.

In my case, I like frugality. So reducing my dependence on money is easy and fun for me. And I also like to be creative. So learning new skills is affordable for me. These affordable things would give me good solutions without anxiety.


So if we want peace of mind for the future, I think that it’s better to combine our preparations with our affordable things. The preparation that causes another anxiety is just swapping the type of anxiety.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to reduce our anxiety for the future.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.