Perhaps Fermented Foods Alternate With a Low-Carb Diet

Recently, I have been fascinated with food fermentation. And I realized that we could eat fermented food as an alternative to a low-carb diet. So today, I’m going to talk about it.

Fermented foods and a low-carb diet

I love health. I had been in a bad physical state for a long time. And I had not noticed that my weak liver since birth had caused it. But after I noticed it, I came to feel great because I was able to care about it. Appropriate cause and effect give us wisdom to resolve.

And these days, I have learned about fermentation. Perhaps making yogurt myself was the trigger for learning it.

Sometimes we hear the phrase, “Fermented foods are healthy.” Although there is someone who says, “This food is healthy!” or “This food is unhealthy!” anytime, anywhere. But I have never heard that fermented foods are bad for our health.

Fermented foods are foods processed with bacteria. For example, yogurt, cheese, sourdough bread, sauerkraut, soy sauce, miso, kimchi, and Japanese natto.

These foods are filled with good bacteria. Good bacteria are not harmful if we eat them. And they keep other harmful bacteria away as long as they live. So fermented foods tend to last longer.

Alternation with a low-carb diet

By the way, I like a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet is a diet that reduces carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, and sweets with sugar.

In my experience, this reduces the load on our livers. Protein is less damaging to our livers than carbohydrates. So for a person who has a weak liver, a low-carb diet would work well.

But recently, I noticed that my liver was good even if I ate bread. Then I finally realized why fermented foods make us healthy. Perhaps fermented foods alternate with a low-carb diet.

So, let’s explain why I can say that.

Bacteria multiply by feeding on sugars

The logic is simple. Bacteria in fermented foods feed on sugars and multiply in our bodies. After bacteria end their short lives, we digest and absorb them as protein because bacteria are made of protein and fiber.

As a result, if we eat carbs with fermented foods, we have more protein and fewer carbs. This is the same logic as a low-carb diet.

This is why fermented foods are healthy, and they could alternate with a low-carb diet, in my opinion. In other words, we grow bacteria in our bodies to get protein.

How to eat fermented foods efficiently

So I recommend eating fermented foods when we eat carbs. This reduces the load on our livers. The points are as follows:

  • Don’t add heat to fermented foods. Good bacteria will die above 60°C (140°F). Kimchi hot pod tastes good, but it won’t work as a fermented food. And already heated foods, such as soy sources, also won’t work.
  • We don’t need to eat fermented foods a lot. One little portion a day is enough. Bacteria will multiply in our bodies. (Additional notes on April 27, 2023: Eating a portion at every meal seems also good.)
  • Pay attention to fake fermented foods. Sometimes the cheap ones are not fermented. Fermented foods acquire sourness as time passes.
  • Eat with a good chew. If we chew well, bacteria feed on carbs easier.

By the way, overeating fermented foods would also be bad for our health. Because too many single bacteria prevent the workings of any other bacteria in our bodies. I experienced that. After I had eaten yogurt, sauerkraut, and natto at the same time, I felt lightheaded. So one portion a day is enough.

Fermented foods tend to be expensive, but we can easily make them with only salt. Even if we make too much, we can add heat. If we add heat to bacteria, they will turn into umami flavors. So we would be able to taste delicious hot pots.

Or perhaps there is a most inexpensive fermented food in each area or country. We might be able to use them.


So I think that we could eat fermented foods as an alternative to a low-carb diet.

I still like a low-carb diet because I care about my liver. And I’m trying to find out how much bacteria in my body can convert sugar to protein. But I eat a little bread with yogurt now. It’s nice to have a wider range of edible foods.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to be more healthy. Especially for a person who has a weak liver.

I hope I can eat various foods in the near future without worrying about my liver.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.