We Could Be Forgiven by Knowing That We Are Never Forgiven

Let’s talk about the relationship between our mental systems and society. I think that we could be forgiven if we understood that we are never forgiven.

The desire to be forgiven

Last night, I recalled a light bad memory of my youth. Being young at that time, I wanted to do everything well. But at that time, I had not been able to do a thing well, so I was depressed and felt guilty. But I ignored that emotion at that time and repressed it. So last night, I felt the emotion deeply and released it.

But I first misunderstood my emotion last night. I first thought that the emotion was guilt. So I tried to release the emotion by saying, “Please forgive me.”

However, I was not able to release the emotion. Because the true emotion was the fear of rejection from my surroundings. So after I understood my true emotion, I was able to release it. I’m sure that I will never have that flashback again.

As such, we sometimes misunderstand our emotions. We could misunderstand not only emotions but also many logics of cause and effect. And that makes our lives complex. Because we will make an effort to correct wrong causes.

In my case, if I tried to resolve my guilty emotion, I would never be satisfied because the true cause is my fear of rejection. No matter how much I deal with guilt, the fear will continue. That will make my life complex and confusing. Because I will keep trying various ways to resolve the guilty emotion.

How to deal with the guilty emotion

Then I noticed that if we felt guilty, we could be forgiven by knowing we are not forgiven.

Sometimes we have guilty emotions. Especially when we have regrets about the past. We wanted to do something well, as our surroundings anticipated. But we failed. If we have felt it repeatedly, we would come to feel guilty ourselves, such as “I’m a worthless person” or “I’d better not exist in this world.” And we come to desire to be forgiven.

But I think that there are two elements by which we wanted to be forgiven. One is people in society. The other is nature.

If our human nature is not fit for our society, we will never be forgiven by the major people in it. No matter how much we try to be forgiven. Because we are unable to change our human nature. And it’s difficult to change our social values. Usually, the only way is to be patient and lie to ourselves.

Being forgiven by nature

At such a time, we can recognize that we are forgiven by nature, even if we cannot be forgiven in our societies. This would help us change our future.

Nature is a harsh environment for life. But nature never denies the value of life or the existence of life. On the other hand, people in society always deny a person’s value and existence if the person doesn’t follow society’s values. We are only denied by one society. There are many societies in this world. That is nature. And nature always forgives our lives.

If we understand this forgiveness of nature, we can move to another society. It gives us new chances to use our characteristics.

That often makes us feel “forgiven.” And we come to understand our misunderstood emotions. That emotion is not guilt. Other emotions caused our complex situation.

I think that this is the logic of “nature’s forgiveness.”


So I think that we could be forgiven if we understood that we are never forgiven. To be more precise, we could be forgiven by nature if we understand that we are not forgiven by our society.

Nature is larger than societies. Nature forgives every life to live. There are many societies.

If we could have such a large-scale view of nature, we might be able to understand that we are allowed to move to another society. This point of view may lead to a simpler and less complicated life.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.