I Prefer a Survival Life to a Comfort Life of Doing Nothing

Today, I’m going to talk about the lifestyle I like. I think that I prefer a survival life to a comfortable life where there is nothing to do.

My fortunate current situation

Fortunately, I can have enjoyable days these days. Because I have come to understand what is important in my life. Perhaps you already know this because I have been talking about them frequently these days.

Thanks to the organization of my belongings, I feel lighter and freer now. That gave me more margin in my life. I have thrown away unnecessary things and stored more critical items for the future. And I have acquired more skills for basic living by simplifying my tools.

These gave me more comfort and confidence without relying on money.

The energy of creation

Then I noticed that I prefer a survival life to a comfortable life where there is nothing to do. Maybe because I like to create something. When I have the vision to create something, I feel a lot of energy in my body.

Sometimes, some creators, including myself in the past, say creation comes along with pain. But that’s not the case for me now. All of them are enjoyable for me.

Maybe that’s because I’m trying fewer complex things. I think that if we try the simple things that improve our lives, we will find them enjoyable. In other words, complex desires make us feel pain when we create.

So the creative process is all fun for me now. Such as imagining what I want next, thinking about how to realize it, concentrating on creating, and feeling fulfilled by looking at the finished product.

If I had been born 1,000 years ago

Perhaps the lifestyle that I desire most now is the freedom to create my daily basic life. To explain that in more detail, let me talk about “my life if I had been born 1,000 years ago.” This is the soft and easy imagination of my ideal life. Please listen lightly.

If I had been born 1,000 years ago, I would have lived as follows: I assume that I have grown up in some family or facility. But around the age of 14, I would decide to live independently away from my family. To be honest, I wanted to live independently at that age.

So I would have searched and planned for a good place to build a simple house. That would be a silent place where no one lived around there. Then, when the time came, I would have run away and moved to a new place.

I would live a survival life. But I have the confidence to do well. Because I can understand how to create the necessary thing.

I think this is the ability of the creators. We can often understand how to make the products if we observe them closely. Especially if it is the more basic thing in our lives. Of course, we have to do some trial and error. But we can understand the logic of materials and processing. That ability gives us the confidence to survive.

How to make money in such a situation

Then I settled down, and after I made a little comfortable living, I will start to make some handicrafts and sell them. I love the frugal life, but a little money helps a lot at any time.

I will create some high-quality items. It requires a hand technique but does not need heavy plants to create them. I will create lighter items, such as high-quality woodworking, small furniture, decorated baskets, and so on.

I make them at my house. And about once or twice a month, I carry them to the cityside market and sell them. Perhaps there are a few people who understand the value of my products.

Sometimes I enjoy interacting with people who love my products. Interacting every day will exhaust me, but interacting sometimes will be great fun for me.

Then I create many things and live peacefully in a silent place. Maybe that was the ideal life for me if I were born 1,000 years ago.

Although the ideal life for me could change at every stage of my life, I’m trying such a way of life now.


So I think that I prefer a survival life to a comfortable life where there is nothing to do.

I noticed that creating the basics of life is fun. Simple, basic creation doesn’t come along with pain.

I think that some people (including myself in the past) believe that success in society makes our basic lives better. But we might be able to improve our basic lives directly. Even if it could be a survival life at the beginning.

If we knew about this possibility, we might be able to live a more fulfilled life.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.