A Way to Know What’s Important in Our Lives: The “Survival Creation” Method

Today, I’ll talk about how to change our lives. I think that the “survival creation” tells us what is important in our lives. And that might make us lighter and easier to change.

How to be more wealthy

When I see people’s messages on SNSs, there is a thing that I often feel. That is, “many people want to be more wealthy.” Perhaps this is the normal desire of human nature.

But sometimes, we don’t know what to do. Perhaps one reason is that we have confusion in our lives. In other words, we don’t know what is important in our lives.

When we have such confusion, we come to feel everything is valuable. So we come to desire to have everything, even if it has almost no impact on our happiness.

What is important in our lives?

On the other hand, if we know what is important in our lives, we can concentrate on it. That gives us faster fulfillment. Because “important things” means “impact on our happiness directly.” So if we can do that, the more we act, the more we will be fulfilled.

I think these “important things” are “wealth.” In my definition, “wealth” is something that varies from person to person. It contains not only money but also invisible stuff. Such as relations, values, customs, mental states, or the way of life.

In such a case, knowing what is important to ourselves would be the key. And I think that one of the ways to know it is to think about our “survival creation.” It might tell us what is important in our lives.

Thinking about survival creation

To explain the “survival creation,” let’s assume that we settled into a new place to live. We began to live in an empty house. There is nothing in the house. No table, no bed, and no running water.

But we have a few survival tools in a backpack. And there are so many materials outside the house to create what we want.

What do we add next?

In such a situation, let’s think about what we add or do next. Maybe the survival backpack is the most important thing in this situation. And the next thing we want to do will be the second-most important thing for us. Sometimes, it would be securing some water and food. Or sometimes it would be creating a simple bed.

We assume that it takes time to get or create it, but we will continue to succeed in creating or getting what we want. And we can get a loaf of bread and enough drinking water (the minimum amount of food for survival) every day.

So, what do we want to make next? That would be the third important thing in our lives. After repeating this consideration, we can understand the order in which things are important. It could contain not only items but also some invisible stuff, as I mentioned above. It could also be thinking ways, mental states, or lifestyles.


So I think that the “survival creation” tells us what is important in our lives. And that might make us lighter and easier to change.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to create our happiness more easily.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.