Nature-Based Thinking Might Help Us if We Cannot Stand It Anymore

Fortunately, I can live peacefully and freely now. However, I believe that many people, like me before, face difficulties in their daily lives. So today, I’m going to talk about a way of thinking when we come across a hard situation that we cannot stand anymore.

How we can think against difficulties

Sometimes, we have difficulties in our lives. We have a lot of stress or pain, but we cannot correct our way of life. Because sometimes we believe that we must be more patient in order not to disappoint those around us.

At such a time, I think that nature-based thinking might help us. And if we have such a viewpoint, we may be able to find other paths and freely choose a more peaceful path for ourselves.

Two types of thinking

To explain that, consider 2 types of thinking: human-based thinking and nature-based thinking.

Human-based thinking

Human-based thinking is a way of thinking based on our human relationships. We cannot live without human relationships, more or less. So we try to maintain good relationships.

This thinking would work well for those who have similar characteristics in their societies, or for those who want to live in the same society throughout their lives.

But there are some painful situations. One of them is the situation where we have strange characteristics and cannot use them well in our societies.

At such times, I think that this human-based thinking often brings us a lot of pain. Because we cannot do the same as our surroundings do due to our characteristics. In such situations, sometimes we tend to wish to stay in our current relationship and hope to be accepted by everyone in our society.

So we try to endure and overcome these pains. But in many cases, it will fail. Because both our situations and our characteristics are difficult to change. The larger the society, the more difficult it is to change. The more unusual the characteristics, the more painful it is to change them.

As a result, we are depressed about our characteristics. And sometimes, it will have a tragic end.

Nature-based thinking

At such a time, nature-based thinking might help us. Nature-based thinking is a way of thinking based on nature. We live on this planet, in this galaxy, in this epoch. Nature is vast and has a long history.

From such a viewpoint, our lives appear quite small and brief. Perhaps this is similar to how we perceive far smaller lives, such as bugs or bacteria.

In this case, we can easily understand that we don’t have to endure our current painful societies or situations. Because there could be many other places where we could live. These places have a nature that accepts or is glad of our characteristics. We can choose such a place. Our lives are also small things, so we can live freely and create meaningful lives for ourselves.

And from this viewpoint, I think that we can be more humble. Because we cannot change nature. Of course, we may be able to understand and change a very small part of nature. But we cannot understand everything about nature. We can understand that we don’t need to control everything in our world. We can let go of them. I think this is humility.

Perhaps this nature-based thinking would work well for those who want to migrate across many societies. I think that these two ways of thinking are both necessary for our human societies.


So I think that nature-based thinking might help us if we cannot stand it anymore.

Our lives are small and short compared to nature. So we can understand that we are allowed to live our lives freely. And I think that this nature-based feeling is humility.

If we have such a viewpoint, we may be able to find other paths and freely choose a more peaceful path for ourselves.

Thank you for reading. We’ll see you in the next article.