I’m trying the “making foods from scratch” challenge

Recently, I’ve valued everyday life while simplifying my internet use. In other words, I value the real side while simplifying the virtual side now. So I’ll talk about my most recent real-life experiences and creations. It’s a short diary due to my busy schedule.

The “making foods from scratch” challenge

Recently, I’ve been fascinated with creating something in my everyday life. Such as pantry organization, drying fruit and vegetables, and cooking.

Now I’m trying the “making foods from scratch” challenge. The rule of the challenge is simple: make meals with as many raw materials as possible. So I’m having fun researching foods or food preservation processing.

I already challenged myself to make yogurt, cheese, and some cakes. I was surprised that I was able to make my yogurt very easily. I also made an electric yogurt maker myself. Of course, its body material is cardboard!

Affordable things give birth to original things

I think that combining affordable things for us gives birth to our original values. Because the combinations are various. We have different characteristics, favors, environments, or situations. And “affordable only for us” means “environmental strength for us.”

If we combine them and create a lifestyle efficiently, we can be more comfortable.

In addition, it will be an original value for us. Sometimes, we also make new products in such situations. And sometimes, there are some people who have a different situation and feel our products are valuable. At such times, we can share our products or knowledge with them.

So I’m creating a new lifestyle in my everyday life. I’m focusing on more affordable scratches for me. Not wanting something expensive and unusual. And after I create something, sometimes unusual and valuable things are born. That is the “new creation” for me.


So I’m trying the “making foods from scratch” challenge now. I’m enjoying it.

Thank you for reading. We’ll see you in the next article.