I Like the Idea of Functional Beauty First and Decorations Last

Today, let’s talk about my creative lifestyle. I think that I like the idea of functional beauty first and decorations last.

Organizing my pantry

These days, I have begun organizing my pantry and emergency preparations. As I mentioned in last week’s post, I experienced a snowy day last week. That surprised me because I live in a snow-free area. Through that experience, I felt I needed to make more preparations.

I’ve already prepared enough food and groceries, but I haven’t organized them at all. I just put them in a small pantry room messily.

So I started to organize them. The material of the organizer is, of course, cardboard!

↑ These cardboard boxes.

I like cardboard. It’s easy to get, cut, and paste. And after I no longer need to use them, I can easily throw them away as garbage. I got them for free from near the grocery store. If it needs more strength, I’ll buy cheap wood bars and create some shelves.

Pantry decoration is unnecessary for me

There are a lot of pantry organizers in furniture stores. And we can find various beautiful and integrated organizers when we watch YouTube videos about organizing.

But I don’t need such beautiful organizers. The cardboard with some company logos is enough for my pantry. Because I think that the decoration of the material organizers is pointless if I enjoy living a creative life.

To explain that, let’s imagine the situation in which we craft something. We are wood furniture craftsmen.

When we create some furniture products, we first find and pick up good materials in the warehouse. At such times, it’s enough for us that the material is well sorted. We don’t care about the warehouse’s beauty. We don’t live in the warehouse. Perhaps the ease of use is the most important thing for the warehouse.

And we also don’t care about the organizer’s packages. Because there are so various material packages in the warehouse. Not only wood but also many crafting supplies, such as glue, nails, and so on. Our “warehouse” always has various packages. All of them have various shapes of containers and each company’s logo. In such a place, I think that we won’t care about the company’s logo on cardboard.

Functional beauty first

In other words, what I want in the warehouse or workplace is functional beauty. Of course, if other people see the warehouse, decoration might be necessary. But if nobody but us sees the warehouse, decoration is unnecessary for me.

Perhaps the priority of using money causes this difference in thoughts. Creators want to use their money for their creations. So they don’t want to waste their money on unnecessary things, even if they are cheap. I think that the organizer of the “warehouse” tends to be such an unnecessary thing.

If we care about the design, we can also paste decorative paper on the cardboard. It makes them more beautiful. I think that is also creativity. So I think that creators tend to like such thinking.

In contrast, some people want to be creators. I feel that they tend to decorate all of their items. I think that maybe they would rather be surrounded by the “circumstances” than create something. So there might be many videos about beautiful organizers on YouTube.


So I think that I like the idea of functional beauty first and decorations last. Maybe creators will like this thought. Cardboard is a great material for organizing, even if it has a company logo.

Our lives are the same. We can improve our lives by creating functional beauty. Sometimes, cheap things like cardboard could be more effective.

If we understand this way of thinking, we might be able to create good things and improve our lives.

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article.