Preparation for Emergencies Is Important at Any Time

Today, I’ll talk about preparation a little. I think that preparation for emergencies is important at any time.

Snowing in the snow-free areas

It suddenly snowed heavily yesterday. Of course, I watched the weather forecast and expected it to be cold. But there was no snow forecast.

That surprised me because I live in an almost snow-free area. And I felt that preparation for emergencies is important.

I think that unexpected troubles often happen suddenly. Yesterday’s snow was just like that. It was a fine and calm day in the morning. But it suddenly turns cold and snows in the afternoon. Then the snow kept piling up. I think that many people and cars got stranded. That happened only in 4-5 hours.

A different event than a big trend

Sometimes, unexpected troubles will be contrary to the big trend. For example, there is a lot of information about climate change. But almost all of them are about the heat. So we take measures against the hot weather. We suddenly have cold weather problems at this time. The “unexpected event” is like this.

Another example is that drought is a big problem in California. However, there has recently been a flood risk. Sometimes we can have such a polar opposite problem.

So I think that preparation is important. Fortunately, I was able to stay home that day. I kept relaxing and enjoyed hot fish cake soup for dinner. I used the pantry foods that I stored.

I determined that I would organize my preparation a little more. Because I’d rather live peacefully than succeed. And I believe that such small troubles usually teach us about the possibility of larger troubles in the future. In my opinion, we are already in a turbulent and confusing period.


So I think that preparation for emergencies is important at any time. Especially if we value peaceful lives.

Yesterday’s snow betrayed my thoughts a little. But it’s good teaching for the future. So I’d like to accept this trouble with gratitude.

We may be able to live easily without anxiety if we understand such a thought and lifestyle.

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article.