Maybe Creative People Don’t Need to Correct the “Wrong” Characteristics

Let’s talk about my favorite lifestyle. I think that maybe creative people don’t need to correct the “wrong” characteristics.

The difference in thinking about dried vegetables

In recent days, I’m fascinated with making dried fruits and vegetables. I found that dried fruits and vegetables are very tasty. They have concentrated tastes and flavors.

In the past, I thought dried vegetables were inferior to fresh ones because I thought freshness was the best element for a good taste in fruits and vegetables. But that was completely wrong. Dried ones have different characteristics.

Every dried fruit and vegetable has individual characteristics. So far, I’ve tasted dried oranges, kiwis, potatoes, and radishes. All of them have a new taste for me because I’m not unfamiliar with dried vegetables.

By the way, I recently watched many YouTube videos about dried vegetables. Learning to satisfy my curiosity is always fun.

Two ways of thinking

But I felt that there was a difference in thinking about how to use dried vegetables. That difference is “how to get the original moisture back” or “how to make the most of its dried characteristics.”

Many people try to get the original state back. I think that’s because it’s easy to use. They don’t need to change their recipes. But almost always, dried vegetables don’t taste as good as the original ones. Because these vegetables’ characteristics have already been changed.

So they often imply that “original or normal is always better, strange is inferior.” Such as “If we eat dried potatoes, mashed potatoes are good. Others are not so good.”

On the other hand, a few people are attempting to figure out how to maximize its drying characteristics. I remembered a cooking movie creator once saying, “I like to make the most of the ingredients. Every food or life is not created to be a replacement for another. These are created as they are.”

Using the characteristics well

I like such thinking that maximizes its characteristics. Sometimes we are born with strange characteristics that we don’t know how to use. Furthermore, we may have had repressions or distorted minds as children. Because of these factors, we cannot do or live like others. So we often feel depressed and inferior to others.

But I think that these characteristics have some value. Because characteristics are neither good nor bad. Characteristics are only favorable in situations they like.

For example, if we CAN NOT do what our surroundings are doing, it means we CAN do something in another situation. Perhaps it will work when many people are wrong or when we need to discover something new.

My favorite way

I like creating something or finding new values. And I make dried vegetables to make my life better. Not only dried vegetables but also my life.

So I want to figure out how to make use of unusual characteristics. For example, dried vegetables have crunchiness because they’re dried. So I anticipated that if I cut it thinly and stir-fried it, it would have good textures. Then I tried stir-frying the dried potato. That was incredibly tasty.

Or if we find the characteristic of a dense taste, we can use it. We know that yogurt with dried fruits is tasty. I think dried fruits or vegetables will be tasty with strong-flavored foods.

Creation of our lives

I think this is the creation of our lives. Not the “given life.” We can create our lives.

I think that creative people figure out how to make use of unusual characteristics. I think that that is also a way of living. And if we find new value in our “useless” characteristics, it will give us great value.

Many people may say that “normal is good, strange is bad.” Of course, that is one way of living. But that is not the only way. There is another way that we don’t have to correct our “wrong” natures or characteristics.


So I think that maybe creative people don’t need to correct the “wrong” characteristics. Because there are no “wrong” characteristics.

Dried fruits and vegetables have different characteristics compared to the original ones. These characteristics are neither good nor bad. We can use it well if we create new value.

I like such a creative lifestyle. If we understand this, we might be able to use our characteristics efficiently and live better.

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article.