Worrying as Fun: A Lifestyle That Turns Our Concern for the Future Into Enjoyment

Now I am heading toward a secluded life in the countryside. Perhaps one of the reasons is that we think about our surroundings or the future too much. That makes us feel worries are disgusting. Today, I will talk about how to turn them into enjoyment.

How to turn worries into fun

Sometimes, we want a quiet and fun life, especially when exhausted by a social life. Interacting with people we don’t like stresses us out.

It includes information on social media or the news. There are many people’s negative emotions, such as claims, criticism, the attitude of pretending to be a victim to control others, deceiving others, or behavior that doesn’t take care of others. They make us too worried about our surroundings or futures.

A secluded life in the countryside could be a solution.

However, we sometimes wonder how to find enjoyment in such a life. Although we might be able to reduce worries, we also want a fun life to concentrate on something. Getting tranquil is the opposite of having enjoyment. In other words, we fear boredom.

One of the solutions is turning our worries about the future into fun. A secluded life in the countryside makes it possible. That might give us a comfortable life while worrying about the future. Today, I will talk about it.

Two approaches to enjoyment

There are two approaches to enjoyment, as follows:

  • The fun of achieving: A way to feel excitement in a place where the environment doesn’t change. People in society compete to gain better positions. Although the person in charge of the position changes, the social system doesn’t change. This is a way to enjoy life for people who don’t have to think about the future.
  • The fun of anticipating, preparing, and responding to changes: A way to keep focusing on something in a changing environment without social support. We have to deal with the changes ourselves to survive. If we miss predictions, we suffer a lot of damage. That makes us tense, focused on future changes, and entertaining. This is a way to enjoy life for people who always worry about the future.

If we are highly empathic and logical, a secluded life in the countryside with the latter would give us a harmonious life.

Let me explain why below.

Why achieving a goal stresses us

High empathy and logical sense make us always worry about the future. Empathy makes us feel afraid of the risks of the future. That makes us anxious and drives us to prepare. On the other hand, logical sense tells us what could change. Those high empathy and logical sense make us concerned about all possibilities.

It brings us extreme emotional ups and downs if we live on the urban side with that personality.

For example, when we set a goal to achieve, such as winning a piano competition, we feel too much excitement due to an inferiority complex. Filling negative emotions, such as getting back at people who looked down on us, incites us strongly. We usually assume it is a fun activity because it excites us. The stronger the excitement is, the more we feel that that is the most enjoyable activity.

That is why we often try to achieve more exciting goals when we have an inferiority complex. We cannot distinguish whether our nature or an inferiority complex caused it.

Mental stress caused by an inferiority complex

That causes extreme emotional ups and downs.

For example, on the eve of the piano competition, we usually feel extreme fear because it is an overly stressful goal. Our high empathy and logical sense continue to work and list the negative possibilities forever until we are exhausted. That is why we often feel extreme fear right before the events.

When we get results, we are dominated by uncontrollable emotions, regardless of the outcome. If we succeed, we will have intense excitement that makes us forget ourselves. Although it is not our happiness, we believe uncontrollable excitement is happiness. If we fail, we will depress helplessly. They are both uncontrollable.

If we don’t set such goals, we get bored because we don’t live naturally, as I mentioned in an earlier post (this article). In other words, the absence of nature makes us bored. That is why we fear boredom and a meaningless life if we have an inferiority complex.

In any state, our skill at worrying about the future is useless. That is why we want to stop doing it.

Setting achieving goals makes our future concerns meaningless.

A life of predicting and responding to the future

On the other hand, we can enjoy predicting and responding instead of setting and achieving a goal. Living in the countryside turns worrying about the future into enjoyment and relaxation.

We don’t get human stress because we are away from society. Although the emotions of individuals affect us due to our empathy, if we judge them as a crowd, we can recognize them calmly. That is because we use our logical sense instead of empathy. That keeps our minds at peace.

That gives us the right amount of tension because we have less social support. We have to deal with the risks ourselves. If we overlook significant risks, we will lose our wealth and, sometimes, our lives. That allows us to keep focusing on being careful for future changes.

A lifestyle that fulfills our nature

That also gives us the fun of changing our lifestyles because we anticipate social change. We are not good at changing others and don’t want to change them. On the other hand, we can change our lifestyles based on our environment. Sometimes, we can do it willingly. We like changing our lifestyles, as long as there is no human stress.

In addition, it is hard to get bored because we can live naturally. Nature allows us to stay in a meditative state.

In this lifestyle, we have a harmonious life with our nature. We don’t have uncontrollable emotional ups and downs. We don’t have to change our personalities. We can enjoy our natural tendency to worry about the future.

We don’t need goals to accomplish in this case. We enjoy worrying about the future and responding. That gives us not only mental comfort but also material abundance.

Investment is an example. It is an activity in which we anticipate, prepare, and respond to changes.


That is a lifestyle that turns our worries about the future into fun.

If we have high empathy and logical sense, a secluded life in the countryside could be a way to live comfortably.

That might give us a harmonious way of life.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.