Logical Life to Create a Special Life of Which We Can Be Proud

I mentioned a logical way of thinking in the previous article (this article). Today, I will add an explanation.

How to have a special life

Sometimes, we want to create a special way of life that ordinary people don’t have. It gives us freedom and a better lifestyle that suits us.

It is like a special dress. Great clothes that suit us make us proud of our personalities.

However, we often don’t know how to create such a lifestyle. If we don’t know it, we might despise ourselves due to an inferiority complex. We might think, “I cannot buy new clothes, so I fit into the old, dirty one as a loser.”

Living logically may make us proud of it. In other words, we can turn it into our attractiveness, even if we cannot afford new ones. Today, I will explain why.

The four types of personalities

To explain it, let me introduce the four types of personalities that we often see, as shown in the following figure:

We classify our personalities into four types: extroverts, traditional empaths, innovative empaths, and innovators.

The four kinds of sense

In other words, we could have four kinds of sense: competition, sociality, empathy, and logic. It is as shown in the following image:

We focus on the horizontal axis: sociality vs. logic. They are the opposite.

Assume we are innovative empaths who prefer logic to sociality. Perhaps we are not interested in social trends such as the personal events of famous actors or athletes. We often want to pursue our individual goals that no one around us wants.

Sociality: the usual thinking

If we have an inferiority complex, we often hesitate to create such a life because no one values it. For example, if we say we want to distance ourselves from society and live a seclusive life, people around us might try to stop us. Perhaps we can easily imagine such a scene. That prevents us from taking action.

In other words, we sometimes judge our goals from the perspective of sociality.

It is the direction as shown in the following image:

In this case, social values prove their value. One of the reasons we want a sports car or a fancy bag is because many people appreciate them. That affects our direction in life.

On the other hand, we can soon imagine that no one appraises socially negative things, such as seclusion in the countryside. That makes us feel worthless in our individual lives.

Logical lifestyle: the individual value

To be proud of our goals, try thinking of our lifestyles as logically as possible. It is the direction shown in the following image:

Examples of improving efficiency

It is because efficiency or rationality proves its value.

For example, assume we are using an old, used, dirty car. Perhaps many people don’t value it.

However, we can add an efficient point to it. Assume we often nap in the car. That allows us to add a special modification. We could add a special seat that can also be used as a flatbed. We could add comfortable items. We can create an efficient and rational car to nap in.

In the case of a bag, it is okay if it is not a brand bag. The efficiency that allows us to carry our items proves the value.

Efficiency and rationality that support the value

Those efficiencies or rationalities support solid value. The more efficient they are, the more value is added to something no one else has. If we show a high level of efficient things to others, they will envy us. They will often imitate us.

Our personalities are the same. We can create a great life, even if we live a secluded life in the countryside. Efficiency and rationality make it shine.

Try thinking about our personalities as logically as possible. That will make us realize a value no one else has.


Living logically could turn rare things into valuables. We can create attractiveness even if we cannot afford a new car or bag.

This wisdom might help us create comfortable lives.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.