The True Reason That I Stopped Using X (Twitter): My Predictions for the Future

I stopped using X (Twitter) last year. I was finally able to explain the reason in words. It relates to the way I live. I will talk about it today.

Why I stopped Twitter and digital creations

I stopped using Twitter, despite using it for over 10 years. Not only Twitter, but I also stopped digital creation, such as releasing e-books or creating games or apps. My current digital activity is only this blog.

Although I explained that it made me tired in an earlier post (this article), some parts of my feelings were hard to describe with words.

I was finally able to describe the reason in words. It was about the way I live and relate to society.

My personality is not good at crowds

I am not good at crowds. I tend to choose another option if many people go crazy about something. Perhaps it is because I want to enjoy my hidden gems rather than follow social values.

For example, assume I like a delicious, affordable, and unfamous restaurant. However, if the restaurant suddenly becomes famous and people start to form long lines, I will avoid that shop and try to find a new one.

Perhaps some of this blog’s readers have such a personality. Being a part of crowds makes us tired and uncomfortable. We want to enjoy our value-creation with reasonable things in a quiet place. We are not interested in things that are already famous because we cannot be creative.

Getting out of the information field

It is the same reason I left Twitter. Many appreciate IT-related fields and rush to be “good information providers” now. SNSs or YouTube are typical examples. Many people are trying to provide good information. Some might try to say good words, some might want to take a good photo, or some might introduce new things with movies.

That made information less and less valuable because many people were competing for new information and trying to benefit themselves. It is not only information but also digital creation. Naturally, the profits from digital creation continue to decline. Now people are struggling and conflicting to ensure their gains.

I am not good at such a competitive and conflicting place. I want to be in a place that is not famous but is on the rise. For example, around 10 years ago, many writers valued publishing by major publishers and looked down on self-publishers. Many actors appraised TV performers and underestimated YouTubers.

However, it was the best time to build a position and earn money in e-publishing or as a YouTuber because it was a rising area and less competitive. I also began to write e-books at that time. That brought me a long-term, persistent income through my fun activities.

Opportunities on the real side

Now, the situation is the opposite. Many people value information and look down on real things. People admire digitally valuable things, such as being YouTubers or having Bitcoin. In other words, now is already the time to begin with something real, in my opinion.

That is why I have bought real assets continuously in the financial market, such as gold and silver, these years. Finally, these prices started to soar. Perhaps they will provide me with a comfortable life as one of my assets, although I don’t know what the future holds.

In addition, I am trying to live as frugally as possible because the next 5–8 years seem to be an era of recession. In such a period, being more frugal is more efficient than trying to earn more due to fewer opportunities. That is also my outlook for the future.

I am trying to distance myself from society as much as possible now. Perhaps we will have more social confusion in the next 5–8 years. I don’t want to get involved in such confusion. I want to live comfortably in a peaceful place.

A living by doing what only we can do

In other words, it is about living by doing what only we can do.

I won’t stick to what other people want and can do. I let the people do it. I will find another place and activities to live joyfully and peacefully. We can discover such places easily because there are always opposite places. When many people go crazy with advanced technology, traditional fields tend to have opportunities. When people rush to visit the mountains, the seaside will be quiet and comfortable.

We will find interesting things in many areas if we are creative and free.

Perhaps I will come back to digital creation after a while when the digital market collapses. It might be 5–10 years later.

That may be one of the ways for people who are not good at crowds. We can create wealth with such personalities, even with less socially valuable things.


Perhaps that is the main reason I stopped using Twitter. That is the way I live.

We can be wealthy with our personalities, even if we do not follow social values.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.