Free Talk About Fasting and the Failure Experience of Pickles

Today, I will talk about food freely. It is about my fasting and the failure of pickles.

Now I am in a fasting period

Every year, at the beginning of summer, my physical condition upsets. I call it the physical upset in May. Although it usually appears at the beginning of May, I already have it now. Perhaps this spring is warmer than usual.

I have had physical trouble since my childhood. I used to have terrible allergies this season, especially in elementary school. It was like a burn all over the body. In early summer or fall, my skin was inflamed and bleeding. After high school, it became much easier.

That was caused by my liver, which has been weak since birth. My body cannot keep up with the temperature change. Our livers regulate body temperature. Hard temperature changes put a burden on them. That made me allergic.

It is easy to get sick in this season

Some of this blog’s readers may be like that, even if you have a healthy liver. It seems that it is easy to get sick in this season.

Fasting works well for me in such a case, so I am in a fasting period now. In my fasting period, I reduce the amount of food I eat. It is about half or 1/3 the amount of the winter season. Sometimes, I skip dinner if I don’t have an appetite.

Fasting is also good to awaken our wildness, but it is physically exhausting. I want to avoid it if I can, so I am trying a new way based on my physical logic. My prediction is that having a small portion of fermented foods can be a substitute for fasting. I will talk about it soon if I succeed.

The failure experience of pickles

By the way, I mentioned I tried to make kumquat pickles in the previous article (this article). I made it about two months ago. It was pickled by salting. Yesterday, I tried it.

It was a complete failure. It tasted terrible. In addition, it seemed that it could not be preserved for a long time.

Perhaps fewer acidic fruits are not for salted pickles. Highly acidic fruits, such as lemons or plums, can be pickled with salt. Acids and salt prevent spoilage. On the other hand, kumquat was less acidic. That is why the kumquat is not for the salting pickles.

However, we can learn the principle even from failure. That is the strength of innovative people. We can prevent similar failures. Our logic gives us predictions. That brings us closer to success.

In this case, we can add acid, such as vinegar, to preserve lower-acid foods. That makes us understand why we usually make pickles with vinegar.

My loss is a little time and salt. It seems better to try more things if the losses are small.


Anyway, I have been doing trial and error recently.

After solving my mental problems, I am trying to solve my physical ones. Although there are many problems, we can progress with our creativity.

Let’s create a better future, even little by little, even if we have a hard time.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.