An Example of Reducing the Living Cost (A Kumquat Example)

Let’s move on to new topics since I have explained enough about our mental system. Today, I will talk about my everyday life after I solved my mental problem. I am trying to improve my material life.

How to establish an independent life

Sometimes, we want to live independently, especially when we do disgusting work. If we realize our independence, we can stop it and live more freely.

Perhaps freedom is one of the most fantastic states for creative people. We can enjoy creating and improving our lives as long as there is room to improve.

It doesn’t matter how few resources we have because we can create something from affordable or even worthless things. For example, several weeks ago, I saw the news that a young Nigerian boy turned trash into an RC airplane. We can use what everyone has thrown away if we are creative.

Such creativity provides us with opportunities to establish independence.

However, we sometimes don’t know how to find and realize it.

My recent activity might be helpful as an example. Today, I will introduce my recent activities that reduced my living costs.

An example of my recent experience

I am trying to establish more solid independence in my life now. I have a long-term goal to live more naturally in a quiet place. I already solved my mental problems, so I have begun to create more outside wealth.

Although I am still thinking about what material abundance suits me, I have begun to try to incorporate affordable things into my life because they bring me a lighter life. We must rely on something, no matter how much we try to live independently.

Relying on abundant, affordable things gives more stability to our free lives because there is less risk of losing. Perhaps this is one of the most efficient survival methods. I love the survival lifestyle!

A kumquat tree

That made me search for good, affordable material around me.

Then I found a good thing. That is a kumquat tree (called Kinkan in my region). It is a citrus fruit, like an orange. However, many people in my area usually don’t eat it because it is not so tasty. It is small, with less juice and a lack of sweetness. It tastes like orange peel. It is too bitter to eat, and we cannot make it into juice.

It is planted as an ornamental because its appearance is good. Many old houses or farms in my region have it in their gardens.

There is also a large kumquat tree in my tiny yard. I once tasted it right after I moved to my current house. It was terrible. After that, I took no notice of it.

Trying to use it efficiently

However, I realized I could take advantage of it. It is a healthy food because people used it as medicine for colds in the old days. It will bring me a more affordable life if I find a new way with my creativity. I felt interested, so I gave it a try.

Then, I realized I could use it for the dish. If I combined it with fish or pork, it gave me a nice bitter citrus sour. It is like a chili pepper with a citric flavor. It gives us a refreshing taste, like the lime juice and peppers of tacos.

In addition, I found it suitable for infusion liquor because its flavor is good. We can use it as a medicinal liquor. Now I am trying pickles of it. If I can preserve it as a pickle, I can enjoy it long-term.

Perhaps changing my common sense helped. I stopped thinking of it as a fruit. I regard it as one kind of chili pepper without heat or one of medicine. That allowed me to apply it in other ways.

I am developing ways to use it efficiently. It is fun because it gives my dishes a fresh taste. In addition, it reduces my cost of living.


The above is my recent experience adding independence to my life.

We can create something from affordable or even worthless things.

If you want more independence, try finding and taking advantage of such worthless things. That approach might help us.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.