To Find Ideas for Improvement, This Historical Perspective Might Help

I have been fascinated by knowing another culture for a long time. We often get new perspectives to improve our lives by experiencing new things. Today, I will explain a historical perspective to find improvement ideas.

How to find ideas to improve our lives

Sometimes, we want new ideas to improve our lives, especially while struggling or stagnating. They provide us with a way to change our lives and the energy to live. In other words, they are hopes for us.

However, it is often hard to find these new ideas because we don’t know how to find them. When we try to imagine new possibilities, we usually fail because our imagination has its limits. We can imagine only what we know, and it is hard to imagine unknowns. That is why we often stagnate in the same situation.

In such a situation, imagining a historical way might give us good ideas. Let me talk about it.

Assuming historical ways: A travel example

When we have trouble, assuming how primitive or historical people have dealt with it would be one way. That often brings us a simple solution because we can exclude unnecessary, superficial things. That allows us to understand the essential ways to solve it.

In this case, we assume we are the people of the old centuries. Perhaps it is easier to understand with an example, so let’s see it.

Assume we are travelers in the era of the old Roman Empire. We are traveling to many places, fulfilling our curiosities, and making money with the travel. Let’s explain my imagination about how to live in that era below.

Finding characteristics of the area

Now, we just arrived in a new town. Every town has its characteristics. There is usually a central market. We can soon know in there what the specialties of that town are. It might be a crop, a handicraft, an ornament, entertainment, or a distinctive industry. We concentrate on finding a difference.

Then, we explore why the town has such characteristics with our curiosity, as follows:

“This town has these characteristics. Why is only the area around here suitable for them?” We think about the logic of the town with curiosity.

“I understand! Perhaps this is why this town is suitable for it.” We find the reason and have the fun of “aha moments.”

“Why does this town have such strange products? Why do they purchase them?” We have more interest in the characteristics.

“Understood! Those products are for it, so they need it!” We understand the system of the environment more.

Perhaps exploring, like above, is one of the enjoyments of experiencing new things.

Finding problems to contribute

Then, we will gradually find out what problems that town has.

“Why do they hate that kind of product or people?” We find that there are several worthless things in the town. In other words, we discover cheaper things than in different areas. Those things will be an opportunity to be sold in another place.

“This kind of problem in this town bothers some people. What causes the problem? Why do other areas not have those problems?” We can find a problem to contribute to the town.

“Perhaps this town lacks this. If I get it cheaper and carry it to this town, they will be glad, and I can earn money. Let’s remember it.” We can find a contributing area. This is an opportunity.

“That town solved the problem with that. On the other hand, this town has enough of this material. I suppose I can substitute it for them. I will try it.” We might also be able to find a creative solution from our experiences.

Knowing a new world to find opportunities

Perhaps the above is a historical way for creative people to live and travel the world. Although this is my imagination, that way tells us a simple way to find good ideas to improve.

We can enter a new industry, like traveling. Every industry has a central market. From there, we can learn about the industry and find opportunities while filling our curiosity with joy.

We will understand that the more we experience new towns, the more opportunities we will find.

Perhaps that is why there are often traditional teachings in many countries to be kind to travelers, especially in Islamic countries. Old travelers might have brought not only money and information but also improvement ideas to that area.


Above is my historical perspective on finding improvement ideas.

Experiencing new things often brings us new perspectives to improve our lives.

This way of thinking might provide us with good ideas.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.