To Have a Mentally Fulfilled Life for Empathic People, This Imagination Might Be Useful

In the previous article (this article), I talked about how to live creatively through my imagination. Today, I will introduce another imagination for empathic people to create a life while mentally fulfilled.

How to find weak people to whom we give a hand

Sometimes, we want to make others happy because that also makes us happy. We feel glad if we contribute to someone’s happiness, as long as he doesn’t obstruct our way of life.

Perhaps less empathic people tend to feel excitement when they help stronger people. On the other hand, highly empathic people tend to feel fulfilled when they help weak people. That division of roles makes the whole society better. In other words, we are socially collaborating by showing our personalities.

However, we sometimes don’t know how to feel that fulfillment, especially when we have empathic natures. We might not receive enough gratitude, even if we help others with our many sacrifices. It might be hard to find weak people. Those difficulties often cause us exhaustion or worthlessness in life.

In such a case, the imagination I will explain below might help us understand how to live a mentally fulfilled life with our empathic natures. Let me talk about it.

Assuming a migrating situation

Perhaps the difficult part is finding weak people to whom we lend our hands. If we notice their existence, we naturally feel like helping and get enough mental energy to do so due to our empathy.

To find the appropriate people with whom we can help, let me explain my imagination below.

Assume we all belong to one group: our society. This group is moving in the same direction. It is like a migration of animals living in a vast savanna. We are migrating toward a more abundant place to live well.

We can understand that there are several parts in the group: the top group, the intermediate group, and the tail group.

The top group

The top group consists of aggressive, competitive people. They are getting ahead and ahead by competing with each other. That leads the whole group to a new, better environment. Many people desire to belong to this top group because they can have status and wealth.

We are in this top group and want to help weak people. We can easily understand that there are no weak people in this top group. They are the strongest people in the whole group.

To use our empathy, we decide to head more backward. We know that it is not a defeat because we have intentions.

The intermediate group

Then, we reach the intermediate group. There is competition in this group, but there are also many negative emotions, such as complaints, envy, betrayal, looking down on others, or cheating. In addition, they sometimes react against the top group due to envy.

We understand we don’t have to help them because they have not lost their wealth yet, even if they are losing little by little in the long term. They know they belong to the intermediate group and have a better environment than the tail group. We might sometimes wonder why they want to grieve so much, even though they have enough wealth and opportunities. We will soon understand that they are just pretending to be victims to change others.

We know more people are in the back, so we go further backward.

The tail group

We reach the tail group. We will soon find that there are intense negative emotions. People in this group hate and attack the top group because the top group goes too fast and doesn’t care for the tail group.

They tend to be anti-social. Some people organize anti-social organizations to protect themselves, such as gangs or mafias. Some people gather on the internet as a group of failures.

We understand we cannot help them because it is too dangerous. It is like the act that we try to step into slum streets or help gangs. They are filled with defeat and anger. They know enough that they are at the bottom of society. It is a shame for them to beg for help.

In other words, they still have the will and pride to live independently. They don’t want help. There is no room for us to help them.

The people whom we help

At last, we come to the very tail of the group. There seem to be no people to whom we give our hands. Perhaps that is why we cannot feel empathic energy.

To find the people who desire help, we go far further backward than the tail group. Weak people are there after a while.

They are often alone. Despite their best efforts, they cannot keep up with the group. In almost all cases, they have unfortunate reasons for their inability to keep up with the group, such as injury, illness, accident, or other misfortune. It may contain abandoned children.

They are the weak people. We give our hands to them.

The happiness we feel

Usually, they will be glad to find us. It is easy to understand if we imagine their situation. He dropped out of the group due to his injury or illness. He is alone. No one helps him. He knows he cannot blame others because it is his misfortune. Despite his best efforts, he could not catch up to the group. He feels society has abandoned him. We despair when we think that no one needs us in society.

In such a situation, there is someone who seeks him out. That makes him relieved because he feels he is not abandoned. Sometimes, he will be glad and grateful for us with tears, even if we have no way to deal with his injury or illness.

His happiness gives us the energy to help him. He never requires many things because he understands so much that no one helps him except us. Even a little care will make him glad and give him the energy to live.

A comfortable situation to help

We can understand that that is a comfortable situation for us because we don’t need to do much. He is grateful enough for our existence. Our treatment is an additional thing, so we can easily care for him without fear of failure. He never stops us, even if we leave him to seek more weak people backward.

Sometimes, he will aspire to become like us. That would be one of the most mentally rewarding moments in our lives. We affected his way of life. If we help someone with high empathy, they often want to be like us. It means we can teach our way of life.

This way of life is different from that of the top group. There is another way to live with mental fulfillment.


The above is the imagination to find weak people.

This imagination might help us understand how to live a mentally fulfilled life with our empathic natures.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.