The Mental Logic Behind Why People With an Inferiority Complex Cannot Apologize

The mental logic of an inferiority complex is one of the fascinating topics for me recently. Today, I will explain why people with an inferiority complex cannot apologize.

Strange behaviors caused by an inferiority complex

Sometimes, we want to know our mental logic to solve our problems. We wonder why we behave like that, even though our minds cause that. We might lie to ourselves. We might behave with an unwanted attitude, such as being offensive to others, looking down on others, or blaming ourselves, even though we know it would exhaust our lives. It is like someone controlling us.

One of the strange behaviors is that we cannot apologize to others when we have an inferiority complex. We feel worthless ourselves or our defeat if we admit our fault.

Why is it hard to apologize? Today, I will explain the mental logic of that. This logic might help us change our environment and solve our inferiority complexes.

The contribution of an inferiority complex to society

The logic is simple. An inferiority complex is meant to create social value. It is neither for our selfishness nor for our own benefit. That is why people with an inferiority complex cannot apologize.

Social values cause our inferiority complex. In other words, behaviors driven by an inferiority complex are to make our society better.

It would be easier to understand with an example. Let’s assume we have an inferiority complex about our status. Everyone in our community looks down on the ones without it.

This environment means that the better a person has an important position, the better the community will be. If nobody wants a position that affects the community, such as the president of the country, the community will soon decline because an inappropriate person leads the community. That is why society values status and makes people compete to have it.

The logic for which we cannot apologize

From an individual perspective, an inferiority complex is a commitment to contribute to the community. We try to have a better position or status, even if we sacrifice our desires. That is far from selfishness. An inferiority complex is a noble act for the community.

On the other hand, an apology is an admission of one’s mistake. The person who can apologize is only the responsible one in the community of the assigned areas.

That is why people with an inferiority complex cannot apologize. It is because we don’t have responsibilities to the values. If we have to apologize, the responsible person should also admit the fault and apologize.

Apologizing to the community frees us from the inferiority complex

This mental logic shows us a way to let go of the inferiority complex. Ask ourselves, “Is that community worth devoting my life to?” and “Do I want to give up my judgment of my life?”

If you answered clearly no, the community would not deserve your life.

To take back our lives, we can apologize to the community because only those who can take responsibility for our lives can apologize. Although it means we admit our defeat, we can cut the relationship with the community. That allows us to take responsibility for our lives.

We have to distinguish the area to take responsibility. We are responsible for our lives, but we don’t have to care for the benefit or loss of the community when we leave because the responsible people in the community have to take responsibility for leaving weak members.

Imagine apologizing to the community that caused the inferiority complex: “Sorry, I cannot realize your wishes any longer. I am determined to take responsibility for my life myself.” That might relax us enough to leave the community, and that will solve the inferiority complex.


That is why people with an inferiority complex cannot apologize. At the same time, we can use that mental logic to solve the inferiority complex.

This logic might help us change our environment and solve our inferiority complexes.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you in the next one.