The Reason Why Our Parents Gave Us an Inferiority Complex

Last year, I explained my new theory about an inferiority complex. (Tag: inferiority complex) I want to add some explanations, so today, I will talk about why our parents gave us an inferiority complex.

How to solve our inferiority complexes

We sometimes suffer from our inferiority complexes. An inferiority complex is the feeling that we are inferior to others. It makes us strongly stressed and want to get back at them when we feel inferior, even if we stop doing what we love.

A competitive family sometimes causes it, as I explained in an earlier post (this article). There are two types of societies: competitive society and stability-oriented society.

  • Competitive society: The community that values competition rather than stability. This community can grow in the short term but tends to leave behind weak people.
  • Stability-oriented society: The community that values stability rather than competition. This community can remain stable in the long term due to helping weak people, but it is hard to grow.

Families are usually stability-oriented because protecting members is their most fundamental purpose. In such a family, we feel relaxed even if we are weak because there is care for weak members.

Why did our parents make competitive families?

However, sometimes we are born into competitive families. In such a competitive family, we often come to have inferiority complexes because there is no care for the weak people.

That environment makes us fear that we will surely die when we stop being patient and making efforts. In addition, we tend to feel unforgivable toward weak people, including ourselves.

In such a situation, the whole perspective will be a key to solving the problem. Today, I will explain why our parents made such a family that makes inferiority complexes. This perspective might allow us to solve our inferiority complexes.

Social confusion creates competitive families

The reason for creating competitive families is simple. It makes our societies more efficient, especially after significant social confusion.

We humans sometimes have significant social changes, such as wars, starvation, or disasters. At such times, society tends to lack some essential parts.

In such social situations, it is better for the community if someone fills it as soon as possible, no matter who it is. It saves the whole society. Perhaps that is why we humans often value being patient rather than showing individuality.

In other words, our community changes its values based on the state of the community. We tend to value patience right after social confusion. On the other hand, we tend to value individuality during a stable period.

Filling a social lack created their success

Filling a social lack often makes them succeed in the short term because it is essential to society.

Perhaps our parents or grandparents are the generation who experienced the confusion, such as after the confusion of World War 2. Our parents were required to fill a social lack, even at the expense of their individuality.

That made them believe that patience makes success, so they created competitive families to make their children do so, too. It is efficient for the family as long as there are social lacks because few successful children bring more wealth to the family, even if they leave behind several weak children.

Values change with the social state

Perhaps that is why the more confusing the environment is, the more members of it tend to have inferiority complexes. That is because the environment tends to have a lack of social essentials continuously.

It also indicates that when the environment ends in confusion and starts being stable, people with an inferiority complex often struggle because there is almost no social lack. That makes us suffer.

Now, we might be living in a stable period after the confusion. Perhaps even though the next confusion will happen soon, in my opinion, it seems stable so far. That would be the reason for our suffering.


Perhaps that is why our parents made a family that makes inferiority complexes. We humans may have such a genetic nature.

The inferiority complex works both better and worse based on the social state.

This knowledge might help us let go of our inferiority complexes. It will be better to show our individuality during the stable period. Furthermore, we can move to a more stable environment. That allows us to let go of our inferiority complexes and use our individuality.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.