I Added Another Update to the Story Tarot; Have a Good Year!

Today is a short announcement about updating the story tarot. I will also talk about a light essay at the end of the year.

Updates on the story tarot

As I said above, I added updates twice to the story tarot. The latest version is 1.21. The old version is here.

In version 1.2, I replaced all five cards in “I. Cause Cards” because the old ones were too abstract. Perhaps this update made it easier to create new ideas.

In version 1.21, I modified the color of the cards to make it easier to search for cards or sort them. Although those cards are almost monotony colors, there are colors in the background of the numbers at the top of the cards. If you want ideas related to colors, please use them.

Of course, you can use not only the colors but also the numbers of each card. You can get 1 to 5 or 1 to 7 random numbers at the top of the cards. In addition, if you add the two numbers, you can get 2 to 12 numbers weighted in the center. That gives you the numbers with rare cases.

You can be creative with many elements in every card.

Perhaps version 1.21 will be the stable one for a while. I hope you enjoy using these cards.

About the tidy room and the messy brain

By the way, I clean my house at the end of every year, and I have finished this year’s cleaning.

Perhaps the clearer we prioritize things, the more tidy rooms we have because we can reduce unnecessary things.

In addition to that, if we can be more creative, our future will perform the best because we can be creative in the most effective area.

Although a tidy room doesn’t always mean we have created good priorities, I came to relax in my tidy room after I noticed that.

Of course, it is also exciting when we are in a messy state because we can create new ways or ideas. I created my new concepts with messy, confused parts in my brain. In other words, perhaps I have created my concepts to reduce my inner confusion. That has given me an easier life.


Anyway, that is it for this year’s update. Thank you for visiting this blog this year.

Have a good year!

I hope to see you at the next article.