Review of the New Concepts That I Have Created This Year

The new year is coming soon! Today, I will review this year for myself.

A fantastic year for me

No doubt, this year was the greatest one I have ever had. In these several years, I have changed my life dramatically. Last year, I improved my inner mind. This year, I improved my lifestyle.

I dramatically changed my lifestyle this year, especially in the summer. I improved not only my life but also my physical health. Although I have had a weak liver since birth, now I am in the best physical state I have ever been. Thanks to that, I have become deeply grateful for my life.

Until several years ago, I didn’t expect such a great life.

In addition, I am also grateful to you all, the readers of this blog. It has been about a year since I opened this blog. Thanks to you, I was able to update this blog constantly.

In every article, I wrote it my best. I came to be able to write better and longer gradually. I didn’t expect that I would be able to write even short stories on this blog. You gave me an energetic, fulfilling life.

The new concepts that I have created this year

In this blog, I have created many new concepts this year. Let’s review them below.

The 3-category organization (Tag: 3-category organization)

The 3-category organization method is an organizing method to reduce the costs of managing our belongings. We categorize our belongings into three groups: (1) Basic tools, (2) Consumings, and (3) Stocks. That also allows us to reduce unnecessary things and become more creative.

Although I created this method this spring, I still use it. After I found this way, I reduced my belongings dramatically. That led me to make my life easier.

The universal taste (Tag: universal taste)

The universal taste method is a cooking method to reduce food costs while keeping good taste. We categorize foods into five essences: (1) Bitterness and sourness, (2) Fat, (3) Sweetness, (4) Saltiness, and (5) Umami. This method makes it possible to cook tasty dishes with affordable foods.

I created this concept in the early summer and still use this method. I am trying to create the tastiest soup and fermented sauce with this method.

The story tarot (Tag: story tarot)

This is the first product of this blog. The story tarot is a set of 35 cards for idea creation, like tarot. This provides ideas for self-analysis or constructing story logic.

I released this last month, at the beginning of the winter. I use this when I want another perspective to solve my problems. I like the design of these cards.

The other new concepts

I released them after this autumn. I like each of them.

By the way, I have loved simple, abstract life stories, such as fairy tales, but unfortunately, my favorite ones were rare. Recently, I noticed that I could create them myself. Perhaps it is time to make my fairy tales. I am trying to find out what elements make stories fun.


Anyway, it was a fantastic year for me.

I feel like this year was long, especially this summer. I have experienced and changed a lot of things. It feels like I started this blog several years ago.

I am grateful for this year. I am also thankful to everyone who reads this blog. Although there are many worries about the future, I want to keep changing.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.