Summary of How to Be Motivated With My Wave Theory

I have talked about how to be motivated these weeks. I will finish this series in this article. So today, I will talk about the summary of how to be motivated with my wave theory.

How to increase our energy

Sometimes, we want to be more motivated. We often have many problems in life, such as long work hours, meeting with people we don’t like, or many other stressful things. In addition, we also want to progress in our ideal lives, such as doing our dream job energetically, living in a quiet countryside house, making someone feel happy with our products, or living freely every day. At such times, motivation brings us energy to overcome our problems.

But we sometimes lose motivation. We might be tired, bored, or exhausted.

In such a case, my new wave theory might help us. It tells us how to increase our energy.

Three energy sources

First, let me explain about our energy sources. We have three energy sources, as follows:

  • Environment: The long-term energy source. It has less power at the beginning. It is hard to increase the environmental energy. But if we are in a good environment, it carries us to an ideal future, regardless of our moods.
  • Motivation: The middle-term energy source. It is a balanced power. We can multiply it gradually. Accepting and following our waves of moods multiply our motivation.
  • Patience: The short-term energy source. It is a strong power that overcomes many problems. But it fades over time. Dening our waves of moods keeps patience.

Motivation and patience are different things, in my definition. Don’t confuse them. The words “I lose my motivation” that many people say could be the words “I lose my patience” in my definition. And we can also use the energy of the environment and our motivation instead of patience.

So, if we want more energy, it is better to find and be in a good environment in the long term.

Three elements of a good environment

A good environment consists of three elements, as follows:

  • Good mentors: They give us a long-term direction to live. We can get a source of energy from them. Mentors could be people we have never met, such as historical figures or characters in the stories.
  • Good companions: They give us middle-term motivation. We can multiply our energy with them. Companions could be not only others but also our “inner child.”
  • Good followers: They give us short-term patience. We share our energy with them.

So, if we are in a good flow of energy, we can have a better life without motivation or patience. In other words, people who are disconnected from them tend to lose both motivation and patience.

Three stages for a good environment

To get into a good environment, there are three stages, as follows:

  • No mentors and companions: The state without mentors and direction in life. In this stage, we tend to lose both motivation and patience. Finding a mentor or a direction will break the stagnation. Companions don’t matter. Sometimes, keeping distance from our current companions leads us to good mentors. Don’t be afraid of going alone.
  • With good mentors but no companions: The state of having mentors or directions in life, but there are no companions to encourage each other. Or ignoring our inner child. We have several interests in something. However, we tend to confuse motivation with patience. To break the stagnation, find and be with good companions, including our inner child. Then, multiply energy instead of being patient.
  • With good mentors and companions but no followers: It is only a matter of time before it is fulfilled. Don’t worry. Your future will be better in the long term. Keep going!

Why we express ourselves

I have wondered for a long time why we want to express ourselves. Expressing ourselves looks like nonsense because it is a matter of ourselves. Why do we need to share emotional things with others?

Recently, I feel like I have come to understand the reason. Perhaps we are sharing the energy to overcome our problems.

We are not always born in an ideal place for us. The requirements of the place and our talents are often different. In such a case, we need to move to a better place where we can show our talents. That makes not only us happy but also societies more efficient.

But to do that, we need higher energy because migrating society requires energy to overcome many problems. We need more energy to change ourselves.

Sharing the energy to change

So, we humans express and share emotions. We can get the energy to change from our mentors. Many products from mentors, such as stories, songs, movies, books, or pictures, encourage us. So we can change.

And we also multiply the energy and share it. That allows our followers to change. We are in such a flow of energy.

That makes our societies more efficient, as mentioned above. We are doing it by our own will, even if there are no leaders to distribute us in appropriate places. And we share energy while modifying it to fit the times. Perhaps we have such a genetic system.

That may be the reason to express ourselves. We can change our environments instead of being patient in one society.

The bottom line

So, if we want more energy to change, find and create a good energy flow. That gives us both energy and followers.

We can live without patience. Of course, we will need a little patience at the beginning. But we can reduce them gradually.

This is my new wave theory. This logic might help us to change our lives.

Although I finished this topic of the motivation series, I will add more explanation if I find new logic.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.