How to Get Followers When We Live With Our Motivation

These weeks, I have talked about my wave theory, the topic of motivation. This series is almost at an end. Perhaps the next will be the final of this series. And today, I will talk about how to get followers when we live with our motivation.

How to get followers

Sometimes, we want more followers. Followers bring us many profits, such as money, honor, status, influence, or feeling worthy ourselves.

But sometimes, it is hard because we don’t know how to get followers, especially when we want to live with our motivation. There is no visitor even though we begin something favorite, such as a blog, a movie channel, or a website. That makes us depressed and give it up, especially in the early stages of activity.

Someone may try to get followers by adapting to what many people like. But it is hard to keep creating because we don’t love it. We often have minor favorites. That makes us feel a dilemma: “If I do the things that major people like, I can get followers. But I cannot do my favors. And the opposite is the same. I cannot get anything without patience.”

In such a case, understanding the way I will explain below might help us. Of course, there are many efficient ways to get a lot of followers with patience. But this way is for people who want to live with motivation.

Knowing the flow of “vibration”

If we want a life with motivation and more followers, try multiplying the “vibration.” That might bring us good followers.

To explain it, I use the concept of “vibration” I introduced in the previous article (this article).

Assume that we all have “vibration.” It is one of the mental energies that resonate and influence us. Not only us but also our products have such vibration.

A good flow of vibration

If we live with motivation, we are in a good flow, as follows:

  • Getting the source of the vibration from mentors: Our mentors or their products inspire us. So we feel, “I want to create such a kind of product!”
  • Multiplying the vibration with our companions: We multiply the energy in our forms with our companions. Companions could be not only others but also our “inner child.”
  • Sharing our vibration with followers: We share our energy with people who resonate with us.

If we are in a good environment, we do them naturally. We affect others. The affected people will be our followers.

So, if we multiply the “vibration” in our forms, we will have good followers. It’s simple and natural.

Two kinds of ways of life

But we often confuse it due to the difference in human nature. There are two kinds of people, as follows, in my opinion:

  • People who live with motivation: People who can resonate with vibration. They have such “sense.” And they want to share it. They are suitable for creators or entrepreneurs. But overall, they are minor people.
  • People who live with patience: People who cannot resonate with vibration. They can only live with “common sense.” They are suitable for employees. They are major.

If we are the former, the motivation type, and confuse them, not only do we fail to get followers, but we also lose motivation because we cannot multiply our vibration.

At a glance, “multiplying vibration” and “being patient” may look similar. But they are different. This distinction makes a difference. If we don’t multiply our vibration, it has no energy to affect others, no matter how hard we try to be patient.

The example of a street musician

This may be easier to look at as an example. Let’s imagine this situation: We are street musicians. We play our instruments, such as the guitar or violin. And we perform on the street or in the park for the first time.

In such a situation, if we try to be patient, we easily lose our confidence because we have minor favorites. Many people pass by us. Most people don’t care about us. So, we try to fit in with others. We lose ourselves.

On the other hand, if we try to share our vibration, we will concentrate on our performance. We try to achieve maximum vibration. Of course, it doesn’t mean we play it “loudly” or “noisy.” It could be tender or sensitive sounds, according to our passion.

And we bring that maximized power to the world. It will sometimes become the “shouts of our souls” if we maximize our energy. At such a moment, we are entirely in the worlds we created. The noise of everyday life goes away. And the pure mind remains. That is our vibration.

The moment we finish playing the last music, we suddenly notice that loud applause and clapping around us. Then, we first realize that there are audiences around us. And they are all clapping enthusiastically. Someone is clapping with tears. It may not be a large crowd. But they are there.

Our vibration moved their hearts. They will be our followers.

Maximizing our vibration makes followers

When we maximize our vibration, it often happens because some people don’t care about whether it is major or minor. Energetic things inspire them, even if it is a minor activity.

So, maximizing our vibration brings us followers when we live with motivation. We will realize that we don’t need confidence as long as we follow our motivation because confidence comes from the desire for a reward for our patience.

Negative things also multiply our vibration

And sometimes, negative things multiply our vibration. Music without minor chords will be boring. A story without troubles or accidents will also be lifeless.

If we live with only patience, it makes us feel “positive or not.” But if we live with motivation, positive and negative, both multiply our vibration.

They create waves. Waves have both upsides and downsides. And they make our lives energetic and better.

This is my new version of “wave theory.”

The bottom line

So, if we want a life with motivation and more followers, try multiplying the “vibration” instead of being patient. That might bring us good followers.

Of course, patience will be necessary at the beginning. But the more we multiply our vibration, the less we need patience. And a good environment brings us into such a state naturally.

This knowledge might bring us followers and motivation.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.