To Find Good Companions, This “Vibration” Concept May Make It Easier

Although I am almost done talking about motivation, I will add an explanation of our companions. It is about how to find good companions who can encourage each other. I think my “vibration” concept makes it easier to find them.

How to get someone who encourages us

Sometimes, we want someone who encourages us when we create something with motivation. We sometimes lose our confidence. We sometimes doubt whether we can reach our goals. And it makes us feel lonely. So we want someone who encourages us.

But sometimes, we cannot get them. On the contrary, we sometimes have harsh words, such as “Don’t depend on others!” or “Be patient!” They reduce our motivation.

In such a case, the “vibration” concept I will explain may help us. That may make it easy to find good companions who can encourage each other.

The concept of “vibration”

Assume that we all have “vibration.” It is one of the mental energies that resonate and influence us. Not only us but also our products have such vibration.

For example, when we watch a great movie or story, it moves our hearts. That means we resonate with the product. The vibration of the product affected our vibration. So, we feel, “I want to make such a kind of product.” Of course, we could also resonate with other people.

Each of us has a unique frequency in multiple categories. So, sometimes, we are interested in things that others are not.

And the more we multiply our vibration, the more we affect others who resonate with it. Our strength of vibration and the power of motivation are the same thing. On the other hand, patience doesn’t create it.

So, if we want to affect others with our vibrations, we need to multiply our motivation and reduce our patience.

The three kinds of people related to our vibration

We can categorize the three kinds of people who have a similar frequency as follows:

  • Mentors: People who have a similar frequency. But they have far higher levels of vibration. So they or their products move our hearts. But we cannot affect them. In other words, we only receive the energy of vibration from them.
  • Companions: People who have a similar frequency. And they have a similar level of vibration. So we can resonate with each other. That also makes our vibrations multiply.
  • Followers: People who have a similar frequency. But they have far lower levels of vibration. So their energy seldom moves us. But we can get rewards, such as gratitude or money. In other words, we only share the energy of vibration if we view it from the perspective of motivation.

So, if we want to get motivated, we will find it good to have mentors or companions.

Great mentors’ products will encourage us. But such products are usually not a lot. So we often get bored if we keep touching the same product.

At such a time, our companions help us. We can encourage each other. That multiplies our vibrations. And that empowers our products.

Whether to join or go alone

But sometimes, it is hard to get such companions, especially when we are confused about values. We sometimes believe we must be patient to achieve something great.

In such a case, we cannot resonate with companions well because our belief in being patient prevents the resonance. For example, assume we want to draw a beautiful picture. A great picture moved our and our companions’ hearts. Our companions can move purely based on their motivation. But on the other hand, we feel, “I must be patient to achieve it.” That prevents resonance. So we cannot join them.

In such a case, this recognition would help us: whether we force ourselves to join or go alone, both may be okay. If we keep being with them, we will find we can create purely based on our hearts. And if we go alone, we can face our inner minds. That will free us from our old beliefs.

In my case, I chose the latter. I used to have many creative companions. But at some point in the past, I felt like going alone. In other words, I chose to go with my inner mind, which could say “inner child.” My inner child resonated with me. It was my great companion if I tried to understand it. And I have achieved my goals and fulfilled myself thanks to it.

So, perhaps we can choose it according to our preferences. Even if the way is different, the goal is the same.

The bottom line

So, if we want someone who encourages us, the “vibration” concept I explained above may help us.

If we find good companions, we can amplify our power of motivation. And even if we cannot have such people, it is okay. We can go on our own. The goal is the same.

This concept might give us the power to multiply our motivation.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.