Trying to Explain My Current State as a Fantasy Story

It has been almost a year since I opened this blog. So, I will talk about myself and my current state. Perhaps it will be boring if I explain it in the usual style. So today, I try to talk about it as a fantasy story.

Born in the Evernight Country

Please listen to my story like a fantasy story.

There was a country called “Evernight Country.” It was always night there. And it was cold, windy, and snowy. People lived there with fire. Although there was a dark and cold environment, they enjoyed their lives.

I was born in that country. But it was too hard for me to live there because I didn’t have a suitable body for the environment. Although I struggled to live, it all failed.

I heard that there was a country called “Sunlight Country.” I heard that there was the sun, a big fire in the sky. So, it is a warm, comfortable place for someone like me. But nobody believed it because nobody in this Evernight Country, including me, had seen it. I also didn’t believe it. It was a fairy tale.

But after I grew up, I was determined to go there. For me, everyday life in the cold environment became harder and harder. And I thought if I didn’t try it, it would be the biggest regret in my life.

So, I packed up, wore thick clothes, lit my lantern, and left the country. I started my journey. Many people around me were going in a brighter, more fired direction to enjoy, such as vacations, skiing, parties, or entertainment. But I headed to the opposite side, in a dark, cold, windy direction. No one was directed in that direction. It was a solo journey to find an environment that I didn’t know whether it existed.

The enjoyable journey

But fortunately and unexpectedly, I found it enjoyable after a while because I got some followers. Some people followed me. They had similar natures and dreams to mine. They also dreamed of going to Sunlight Country.

I opened a record of my journey. I don’t know how they knew about me. But they found my record and followed me. After I had left a record of how to get over the hill, several weeks or months later, our followers faced and came over it.

I was able to know their state thanks to a useful magical tool. We could share our information, even if we were in different places. The name of the tool was “The Inter… nuts…” or something. I forgot the exact name.

Fulfilling our curiosity

Anyway, my journey turned out to be joyful, even though it was tough. There were many strange, curious natural phenomena around us, such as falling the snow upside down or flowing the water from lower to higher. But there was solid logic behind them. Our mental work made us see that way.

I liked to think about them and find the logic behind them. And I told them to my followers. My followers also had fun listening to my explanation.

And we gradually learned how this world is made up. We would never know it if we kept staying in Evernight Country. We came to understand how big this world is. It gave us the knowledge and wisdom to survive and go forward.

My followers liked my telling. I received the energy from their joy. So, they were my companions and followers. I was a leader and teacher from the viewpoint of the followers.

I had confidence in my direction, although I didn’t know why. I was able to listen to my inner voice. It seemed it was one of the talents. And my followers believed me.

The bright sky

Then, I got over a cave I called the “Repression Cave.” That was the last and hardest path to find and enter. That was in the summer of last year.

And after passing it, the atmosphere around me entirely changed. It became warm. The snow stopped. The cold wind went away.

Then, after a while, I noticed the sky was turning bright. I could not believe it at first. But it was turning brighter!

That was an overwhelming moment. In Evernight Country, those who had a bigger flame were greater. New clothes or accessories are lanterns. New cars or bags are torches. New houses are bonfires. They compared how big a flame they had. And they felt valuable or depressed.

But here, where I am now, the whole sky is getting bright. And it is a natural thing. Everyone can get the benefit of it equally.

That was the most overwhelming experience I have ever had. It was the most grateful moment. And that made me want to pray naturally.

To my old followers

To my old followers who believed me, I want you to feel this moment, too. Although I have not seen the sun yet, I can say that this will be one of the greatest moments of our lives.

Our direction is correct. Perhaps you can feel it before long if you are with your inner voice.

Perhaps you feel two directions. One is the direction where someone lives in Evernight Country. It requires you to be patient. The other is the direction to Sunlight Country. It requires you to multiply your motivation.

Both are the right ways. We can choose them freely. But if you want to see the overwhelming bright sky, follow the latter sense.

In my case, I passed the Repression Cave to get here. But there could be another way. Perhaps that will be the final trial to get here.

My current state

And now, at last, I am ready to go forward in this brightening sky. To be honest, I was scared to go forward these weeks because the overwhelming dawn made me fearful. Unknown things make us feel afraid. And the brightening sky I had never experienced was my “unknown world.” So, I needed to concentrate on my state.

It seemed to make some of my followers worry. Sorry. But I am all right now. Several days ago, the moment I noticed the emotion was fear, I controlled it. And I am ready for the changing future. I will accept the changes, even if there are several sad parts.

So, let’s go to the unknown future.

The bottom line

That is the explanation of myself and my current state. The sky is getting brighter. But the sun is still under the horizon.

Again, thank you to my new and old followers. You all give me the energy to go forward.

My journey seems to be going on. Perhaps it will be until I find an environment where I can live comfortably, although I don’t know if I have such a moment.

Anyway, let’s go. We can move forward. This is our journey. We can create our journey.

So, let’s find the next logic that fulfills us.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.