There Are Changes in a Place Beyond Limits

I’m still making changes in my lifestyle. I have dramatically improved my lifestyle over the past month.

And I have realized that there are changes in a place beyond our limits.

How to keep changing

When we try to change our lives, we can easily change something a little at the beginning. But we will soon feel the difficulties of changing because we have created our lifestyles to stabilize our current situations. If we change something, we often lose balance and have some trouble. That makes it difficult to change.

But if we want to change more, the place where we feel “I cannot change anymore” is the starting point. That is not the end. That is the starting point.

In my case, I started discarding unnecessary things a month ago. We can get lighter if we reduce our belongings. And that makes it easier to change our lives. But the next day, I felt the limit, “I cannot reduce my belongings anymore.”

But I kept trying to find something to discard. And the next day, I found something I didn’t need anymore. Then, after I disposed of it, I felt again, “I cannot discard something anymore.” But I found unnecessary things again the next day. I repeated this pattern every day for a month.

In other words, when we are changing, we are always at the breaking point of change.

Trying to change gives us changes

And trying to change gives us changes, even if it is a little thing. In my case, I changed my lifestyle of meals. I changed the number of meals from 2 to 3 a day. And I reduced the food amount for dinner.

That was a casual attempt for me at first. But I was surprised that that made my liver dramatically healthy because the load on my liver was reduced a lot.

Then, I realized one after another that I could stop my unnecessary lifestyle because my daily life and habits were based on my weak liver. I was able to stop exercising every day. I was able to discard many habits and items for my liver. One change made other changes. So, I was able to change my lifestyle dramatically every day.


So I think that there are changes in a place beyond our limits.

The point at which we feel “I cannot change anymore” is the starting point. Not the end.

If we understand this, we might be able to change our lives.

I will keep the lower updating frequency because I keep changing now. So, I will update this blog below once a week for a while.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.