Now I’m Satisfying My Thirst

I said I created my slow life in the last article(this article), but I’m still changing my lifestyle.

Satisfying my “thirst”

And I’m now satisfying my thirst. I have had a “thirst” in my life for a long time. I wanted to live my life. I dreamed of a slow life. But we were sometimes born far from such an ideal life.

So I tried and created many things, such as products, ways of thinking, and lifestyles, to make my dreams come true. And now, at last, I’m satisfying my thirst. I wanted to create this—the life that fulfills me.

This is the first time I have fulfilled my soul in my life. This slow life I’m creating is such a thing.

Now I’m focusing on fulfilling myself

So I forgot to update this blog. And I have concentrated on fulfilling my soul these days. When we find the thing that fulfills us, perhaps we will forget to do something that doesn’t matter, and we will focus on fulfilling ourselves. The stronger our thirst, the more we will focus on it with deep emotion.

It seems that I want to fulfill myself for a while. Sharing the wisdom will be after that.


Now I’m feeling deep gratitude for my situation. I want to say thanks to you and all my past. Of course, there were many pains and wastes. But I accepted them.

I don’t know any other lives, but there would be an ideal life for each of us.

I want to enjoy this fortune for a while. But until I am satisfied enough, this blog will be updated less frequently. Perhaps below once a week.

But after that, I want to share my wisdom. I’m finally getting the good ways of thinking to change our lives.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.