Sometimes Our Ideal Way of Life Is Found in Our Simple Childhood Doubts

I like talking about our way of life. So let’s talk about how to find our way of life. Sometimes our ideal way of life is found in our simple childhood doubts. I’ll explain it based on my recent experience.

What is our ideal life?

We sometimes lose our direction in life. In such a situation, we don’t know what our ideal life is. We may want social success in the city. But at the same time, we may want to live a slow life in the countryside.

Of course, we can have both, and it is unnecessary to separate them if we can live comfortably. But sometimes we suffer due to a confusion of values. We sometimes misunderstand that we have to live a disgusting way of life. But we don’t know what way of life suits us.

At such a time, our ideal way of life might be found in our simple childhood doubts. It could help us.

My doubts in childhood

To explain that, let me talk about my recent realization. I mentioned this in an earlier post (this post), I like fish dishes, especially sashimi. But I recently realized that I don’t like sushi so much. And I was surprised because that was the first realization of my sushi preference, even though I have eaten it many times since childhood.

And after that, that realization reminded me of many childhood feelings. I had a lot of doubts in my childhood.

For example, I doubted why I needed to eat meat sauce pasta with pasta. I wanted to eat only the meat sauce. The meat sauce was delicious. But I didn’t feel the necessity of pasta. It had no taste! Similarly, I doubted why I needed to eat ramen with noodles. I wanted to eat only the toppings with broth. I also wanted to eat only fish as sashimi whenever I ate sushi in my childhood. I always felt that I didn’t want them!

Perhaps you also felt such a feeling when you ate something disgusting in childhood. If you didn’t like broccoli or peas, you would have doubted why they put such awful things into our dishes. And we would have doubted why we had to eat them.

My body wanted to tell me

In my case, there was a reason for me to feel like that. My liver caused that. I have had a weak liver since birth. My liver was not able to detox carbs in large quantities. Eating the same amount of carbs as a normal person was harmful to me, although it was beneficial for other people. So my body didn’t want them.

But after I grew up, I completely forgot such feelings. I had eaten pasta dishes with a lot of pasta to multiply the quantity. I thought that was usual. That was common sense. I no longer doubted.

And it hurt my liver for a long time. These carbs strained my liver and caused many disorders, such as fevers and allergies.

Perhaps my body wanted to tell me, “Eat mainly protein. If you do so, you can live healthy, even for a small amount.” My liver seems to be able to create more energy from protein than usual. So I like protein and fat.

Then, I recently noticed that the nature of my body is like that. Perhaps my body is durable for starvation. I can live healthily even with one little meal a day. But eating the same amount of food as a normal person harms my body, especially my liver.

So now I eat mainly protein. I also eat bread, but I eat a small amount as a dessert with sweet jams or chocolate. That seems like a balanced amount of carbs for my body.

That leads to our ideal life

We sometimes had such simple childhood doubts.

And sometimes there were reasons. When our nature and social common sense are different, we usually have doubts like that.

And we would have usually felt them in our childhood. The more we suffered, the stronger we must have felt. We might have doubted in the past, “Why do I need to do things like this?”, “Why do I have to go to school?”, “Why do I have to treat disgusting people with a smile?”, “Why do I have to get up so early?”, “Why do I need to do well with other people?”

If we suffer due to the confusion of losing our way of life, remembering such childhood doubts indicates a better way to suit our nature. There could be a hint of our new way of life.


So I think that our ideal way of life could be found in our simple childhood doubts.

We suffer when our nature and social common sense are different. So there could be a hint to living our ideal life.

If we remember such childhood doubts, we might be able to realize our direction in life.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.