Recognizing Our Values Will Start the Change

Let’s talk about our values. I think that recognizing our values will start the change.

A hint to change our future

Recently, I have liked to think about how to change our lives. Perhaps this is because I want to change my future, and I’m making changes right now.

We sometimes want to change our future. But sometimes, we don’t have not only the opportunity but even the hint to change.

In such a situation, trying to recognize our values could be a way. It would start the change.

Recognizing my values

To explain it, let me talk about my recent experience. I had an impressive experience several days ago. I recognized my values.

By the way, I like fish dishes, especially sashimi with fatty fish parts. But when I was eating it as dinner several days ago, I remembered someone had said on SNS, “Sushi was delicious.” And it gave me some negative feelings. I wondered why I felt like that. So I tried to feel my mind carefully. Perhaps that was the trigger.

Then I noticed that I like fish dishes, but I don’t like sushi so much. This recognition was shocking for me because that was the first recognition of my sushi preference, even though I have eaten it since childhood. Whenever I had a situation to eat sushi, I didn’t feel happy at all since childhood.

Perhaps I like the fatty parts of fish and meat. I love fat, such as pork belly fat, chicken skins, and fatty salmon belly. But sushi is low in fat. So I might not feel happy about it.

On the other hand, my surroundings were the opposite. They didn’t like fat. So they favored less fatty foods, like sushi. I grew up in such an environment. And it seems to have confused my values.

It will be life-changing

Usually, we believe that we know enough about what we like, especially our food preferences. But sometimes, we don’t recognize it. We might slightly feel like it or dislike it in a moment, but we forget it immediately.

But once we realize those values, it will change our lives because we understand we don’t need to force it and we can choose what we want.

This experience is life-changing because we can understand our true desires. We can be honest about our preferences. This is one of the forgiveness that we can live as we are. After we feel it, we understand that we don’t need to lie to ourselves. We will say with tears, “Honestly, I didn’t like this!” It gives us the forgiveness to change our lives. That tells us the new direction of our lives.

Don’t miss the slight honesty

In my case, my recognition of sushi made me more honest about my preferences in many areas. When I understood that I didn’t like sushi so much, I said with deep emotion, “Honestly, I didn’t like that!” That was one of the liberations from restricted thinking of my childhood.

I felt free and relaxed because I no longer needed to do what I didn’t like. I don’t miss my slight honesty in my mind anymore. My surroundings like it, but I don’t. And I can choose it myself. Maybe some people don’t like what I love. But it is also their preference.

Whenever I saw sushi shops, I always felt something negative. I didn’t know why. But after I finally noticed that, I never felt negative when I saw sushi shops.

We sometimes have such confused values. We don’t realize it, although we slightly feel that we dislike it or like it. We ignore it.

Perhaps such confused values often make us stagnate in our current situations.


So I think that recognizing our values will start the change.

We often have confused values, as in my case. But once we realize it, that will be life-changing. And it will change our futures.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to get a hint of change.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.