Perhaps We Don’t Need to “Achieve” Preventing Losses When Changing Our Lives

Today, I’ll talk about my new feelings about making changes. Recently, I came to think that we don’t need to “achieve” preventing losses when changing our lives.

Fears for more sacrifices

I have often mentioned this topic: we sometimes want to change our lives. Sometimes, there is much suffering or patience in our lives. So we want to change our future.

But we sometimes feel it isn’t easy because we don’t want to make new sacrifices. We already have enough suffering and patience. Perhaps the more we endure, the more we want to prevent new sacrifices.

At such a time, it could be good to think that we don’t need to “achieve” preventing losses. It might give us a new future.

Losses due to preventing losses

To explain it, let me talk about myself. This year, I began my ideal, slow life. This is a whole new life for me. I stopped all my work for money and began to live as frugally as possible.

And at first, I tried to prevent all of my losses. So I considered and prepared many things for it.

But it made me fearful. I often felt, “This might be a last chance to secure it,” especially when I found a cheap thing in the shop. And I worried and overbought them. Those were losses.

Then I noticed that I had made other losses due to preventing losses. This fact was a little shocking for me because my way of thinking was entirely unrealistic. I had thought preventing losses was one of the goals to achieve. But in reality, that was neither a goal nor something to achieve. Our pockets are too small to prevent all losses in this world.

This is like traveling with a backpack. We have a small backpack in which we carry our things. And assume that we just arrived in a new city. At such a time, we don’t need to buy and secure many cheap things from the beginning because there are numerous chances. And the free space in the backpack is limited.

Chances are numerous

Preventing losses is like that. It might be more appropriate to say, “Securing only the most important things in our lives” rather than “Preventing all losses.”

So I changed my style. I gave up securing things as well as possible. There are numerous chances around me. Missing them could be a loss. But We choose the important things first. We can let go of what doesn’t matter. Our backpack is too small to cover all of them.

We often feel there are few chances when we live in an unchanging place. So we try to secure all of our chances, even if they are small ones.

But chances are numerous in the new world. And at the first stage, we can live only with a small backpack. Preventing losses is like a small backpack for us.


So I recently came to think that we don’t need to “achieve” preventing losses when changing our lives.

The chances are numerous in the new world. We can live with a small backpack. That’s enough. It would make us get used to many small failures and losses.

If we feel this sense of new life, we might be able to create new lives.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.