An Example of Finding Something That Is a Treasure for Us but Garbage for Others

Let’s talk about a way of thinking that reduces our living costs. This is one of my favorite ways of thinking. In the garbage for others, there are chances for us.

How to reduce living costs

Recently, I have mentioned how to reduce our living costs. We sometimes want it because we can reduce our disgusting work for money. And if we can live lighter, we can change our lives easier. That gives us hope and relaxation for our futures.

But sometimes, we cannot do it because we don’t know how to reduce our living costs. Usually, the more valuable it is, the more it costs. It sometimes misleads us into thinking that we need to work hard if we want a valuable life. So we sometimes increase disgusting work to reduce disgusting work. And it exhausts us.

In such a situation, I recommend focusing on our characteristics. If we can find something that is a treasure for us but garbage for others, we can get more valuable things affordably. And it makes us richer without competing with others.

So today, I’ll talk about an example of how I found it. This knowledge might help you.

Buying beef shanks in the summer

By the way, when I buy meat, I use a shop for merchants instead of grocery stores because I can buy it far cheaper. Usually, it’s cheaper to buy something with a large portion. So I buy a big chunk of meat and cut it myself. Then I freeze them and store them in my large freezer. It has saved me a lot of money.

And my meat stock had decreased, so I was looking at a meat shopping website for merchants. Then I found that the fibers of beef shank (Achilleus muscle) were surprisingly cheap. Perhaps this is the seasonal reason. Beef fibers and shanks are usually used for soups during the winter. So they tend to be cheap during the summer, especially at the beginning of a hot summer.

In addition, they are usually cheaper than other beef parts because they take longer to cook. It is delicious if we take the time to cook it. So many people like it. But many people want to avoid cooking it themselves and avoid long cooking times, especially during the summer.

In other words, there are more cons than pros, especially in this season for beef shanks. So they were surprisingly cheap.

My characteristics turn cons into pros

But in my case, these cons all turn into pros as follows:

  • First, I usually eat soup because it is healthier for my liver. I have had a weak liver since birth. So I often enjoy soups during the summer. If we reduce the amount of water, it is great even in the summer.
  • Next, I have enough time and motivation to cook them. I started a slow life this year. So I have enough time to cook. And I also like cooking. So I don’t care if it takes time.
  • Then I can cook it in a short time. I can make fermented foods. And if we marinate these meats with fermented foods, we can make them tastier and tenderer effortlessly. In addition, we don’t need to boil it several times to remove its smell. So I can cook it more deliciously and quickly than other people.
  • Finally, even if I won’t use them soon, I can also store them in the freezer until the winter. I have enough space in my freezer. I don’t need to sell or consume them soon, like producers, shops, or those who don’t have enough spaces to store them. So I can also wait until I use them.

A treasure for us, garbage for others

So we can understand that these cons all turn into pros in my case. And I like beef soup. So I bought it with other meats. In other words, I found something that is a valuable treasure for me but garbage for others.

Like that, there is something that is a treasure for us but garbage for others. To find it, we focus on our characteristics, including circumstances and situations. We have different things from others.

It is like treasure hunting. We focus on what others want to dispose of early. Such things are placed at surprisingly low prices in the back of the storage facility or warehouse, in the most unseen places. And the smaller the storage, the more discounted it is.

They usually have more cons than pros. But sometimes we feel, “I don’t care about it,” when we know the reason for the low price. It gives us a new chance.


So I recommend focusing on our characteristics. It would reduce our living costs.

If we can find something that is a treasure for us but garbage for others, we can get more valuable things easily. And it makes us richer without competing with others.

If we find such “cheap but valuable things only for us,” we might be able to reduce our living costs and be richer.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.