If You Want to Feel Trust for the Future, Try My “Sudden Pantry Challenge.”

Today I’ll talk about how to reduce our anxieties. If you want to feel trust for the future, try my “Sudden Pantry Challenge.”

How to reduce anxiety

One day, someone tweeted on SNS, “I want to live independently, but I cannot do it because I have a lot of anxieties for the future.” She lived with her parents, but it seemed to make her tired. But she didn’t live independently due to her anxiety about the future.

Sometimes we have anxiety about the future. There are a lot of possibilities for making our future worse. So we feel fear and stop trying to start something new. And it often stagnates us in the current situation.

My “Sudden Pantry Challenge” might help us at such a time. So today, I’ll explain it.

What is my “Sudden Pantry Challenge”

The usual pantry challenge (No-grocery challenge) is the challenge that we try to live as well as possible without grocery shopping. We try to do it to save money. So we prepare and plan before the beginning of this challenge.

On the other hand, my Sudden Pantry Challenge has different purposes. The first purpose is to know how long we can live without grocery shopping. Not for savings. And the second is to understand what things we store less of and how many substitutes we can find in the future. So my Sudden Pantry Challenge starts suddenly without preparation.

And I realized that the more anxiety we usually have, the more surprised we are at the result. Such experiences would give us trust.

Recently, I did something similar to that. I have not been able to go grocery shopping because I have a lot of things to do to create my slow life. It sounds funny to be busy creating a slow life, but it’s fun for me. So I lived only on the things in my pantry.

There are always some substitutes

Then I was surprised that I could live far better without grocery shopping than I had thought. I used to think there were many things that I would be in trouble for if I lost them.

But it wasn’t like that at all. I was able to find good substitutes at any time.

For example, I like to eat peanuts with cocoa powder. But after I consumed all of it, I found that I could substitute sesame seeds with coffee powder. They have similar tastes. After finishing my salted lemons, I used vinegar and fulfilled. There were always substitutes like that.

Then I noticed that the more anxiety we have, the more we prepare. The nature of worrying too much indicates a sign of safety. We already have enough preparation if we have the characteristics of having many anxieties.

And I also noticed that I could find some substitutes at any time in the future. I just have not looked for them because I have enough. And I don’t know what I can use in the future. If I look for a substitute, there is always something good.

I think this feeling is about trusting our future. We can often live without the things we feel indispensable. Such a surprise becomes our trust for the future.


So if you want to feel trust for the future, try my “Sudden Pantry Challenge.”

Perhaps the more anxiety we have, the more surprised we are at the result. Such experiences will give us trust.

If we feel this trust, we might be able to start new things with less anxiety.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.