When the Flow Is Good, We Can Change Our Lives Naturally

Let’s talk about the flow of life. I think that when the flow is good, we can change naturally.

When we feel difficult to change

I often touch on this topic, but we sometimes want to change. We want more comfortable lives.

But we sometimes feel that the more we struggle, the more difficult it feels. No matter how much we struggle, it won’t work.

At such a time, I like to ride the flow of waves without struggling. In other words, when the flow is good, we can change naturally.

I experienced an example of it these days. So, let’s talk about it.

Four seasons of changing flow

These days, I have discarded many old belongings. I have increased my belongings in these several months to create my slow life. But now seems like a good time to clear out my old things.

At that time, I felt many emotions because I also discarded the tools that I had used for a long time.

We feel many emotions when we change. Not only excitement but also sadness, loneliness, or gratitude.

Four emotional seasons

I feel this emotional change is like the four seasons.

At the beginning of the change, we are in the spring season. After we notice a tiny sprout has sprouted, new ones will appear one after another. They are our new possibilities. So in this season, we feel the excitement.

Next is the summer. We have fun making changes. To make our dreams come true, we create many things with energy. Although we will come across many troubles, we will overcome them. We use many resources to create our future. In other words, we invest many resources for the future with fun.

Then we are in the autumn, the harvest season. We will feel the results. And we will begin to enjoy the new life. But at the same time, we feel calm because we don’t need to be so energetic anymore.

The last one is winter. We will find that we need to say goodbye to the old things. To complete our changes, we need to part with the old ones. Although we will feel many negative emotions, such as sadness or loneliness, we will also feel gratitude after we accept to release them. These emotions clear our past. So we can step into the next season—the spring.

Feeling the natural flow of change

I think when we change naturally, we are following that flow. In my case, I feel various emotions these days. I think after I accepted feeling every emotion, my change began naturally.

In other words, when we resist feeling some negative emotions, we tend to stagnate. And it makes us impatient and struggle.

We don’t need a strong mind not to feel sadness or loneliness because gratitude often comes along with such negative emotions as the sadness of giving up, the loneliness of being apart, or the sorrow over the misfortune of others.

If we accept them, the wheel of change begins to move. Sadness or loneliness will turn into gratitude soon.


So I think that when the flow is good, we can change naturally.

We can also give up our struggles to have a strong mind. It sometimes gives us a natural flow of change.

If we can use this method, we might be able to make changes easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.