If You Want to Stop Negative Thinking, Try Thinking in a Different Language

In the previous article (this article), I mentioned how to release our negative thinking. And I can add more explanations. So today, I’ll talk about it more.

A way to stop negative thinking

First of all, I’ll start with the previous summary. We sometimes want to stop our negative thinking. I think negative thinking is not a bad thing, but sometimes it prevents change.

At such a time, changing a language would work. If we think in a language that we have learned newly, we can free ourselves from our negative emotional associations because we don’t have connections between words and feelings.

In the previous article, I introduced it with the example of the words “I quit the company.” So today, I’ll explain it with another model.

The mental system of emotional association

As mentioned above, we have built connections between words and feelings since birth. I call such a mental system “emotional association.” It often prevents us from taking action.

For example, in my case, my current primary language is Japanese. I have learned and used it since my birth.

So I have built a lot of associations between words and emotions. For example, if I hear the words “I want to travel” in my mind, I instantly have some negative associations, such as “pickpocketed,” “stolen,” “dropped my wallet,” or “too luxurious.” They come out automatically and instantly. So I cannot control their appearance.

Emotional associations often prevent our actions

And sometimes, the more associated words come out. For example, if the word “too luxurious” appears in my mind, I also associate it with many other negative words, such as “waste of money,” “I need to prepare for the future’s risk,” or “I can live without it.”

So it prevents my new actions because I feel strong negative emotions, such as fear and guilt. I have built such emotional associations since my birth. That would have worked in my childhood, but it doesn’t work in my current situation.

At such a time, if I say “I want to travel” in English, I don’t have such negative emotions because I have not built the word connections yet. Traveling is just traveling. Of course, there are some risks and waste. But I can consider it calmly without emotional reactions.

To avoid inappropriate emotional associations

This method would work great for those who tend to think negatively because “negative thinking” can be said to be an “inappropriate emotional association.”

Of course, we can modify the connections by looking back at our pasts. There would be an origin to feeling so. But it sometimes takes time and effort.

At such a time, changing a language could be more convenient. And if we want to plan new things, try thinking in a different language. It would also work well.


So if you want to stop negative thinking, thinking in a different language would work. It makes us free from emotional associations.

If we understand this logic, we might be able to start new things without thinking negatively.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.