Day off Thoughts: Fishing Fun, and Let’s Remember the Primitive Fun

Today is a holiday diary. Let’s talk about our primitive fun a little.

At last, I went fishing!

At last, I went fishing yesterday! I decided to go fishing about two months ago, and I have prepared little by little since then.

The preparation took a long time because I decided to make fishing gear from scratch as much as possible. But it was fun for me. It’s like traveling. Preparing for travel is also fun because we can look forward to the future. A new future excites us.

By the way, I think there are two ways to enjoy fishing, like the following:

  • Fishing as a game: We can enjoy the interaction with fish. It gives us excitement.
  • Fishing as a meditation: We can enjoy quiet relaxation. It gives us a peaceful mind.

Fishing as a meditation

I like fishing as a meditation. I favor seeing the sea because I can easily meditate. There are suitable environments for meditation, such as the sound of waves, no other people, and rich nature. So I frequently went to see the sea last summer. The difference is whether we meditate without anything or with a fishing rod.

And in my case, fishing allows me to meditate more deeply. Perhaps this is because I can connect to the sea with a fishing rod. We concentrate on a little reaction of the rod. Such concentration gives us meditation.

So if you want to meditate by fishing, I recommend surf fishing. In surf fishing, once we cast, we wait for the reaction. We don’t have to reel so often, like lure fishing. So we can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the sea.

I think that this is one of the primitive fun. There is a feeling of connecting with nature. On the other hand, advanced technology often gives us great excitement. But I think that it’s not for feeling nature.


So if we remember such primitive fun, we might be able to feel peace more deeply.

Fishing was a great time for me, although I caught no fish due to bad sea conditions this time. I felt two hours were instant. I’m going to enjoy fishing for a long time.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.