The Feeling of Love Makes Us More Natural

Let’s talk about our attractiveness and love. I think that the feeling of love makes us more natural.

A video of an old dancer

One day, I saw a tweet on SNS. That was an introduction to an old dancer. The dancer was famous in his 20s. But then he became less popular. So people no longer saw that person for a long time.

But recently, he appeared in some shows. Now he seems to be in his 60s. And in the video of the tweet, he performed his dance.

Honestly, it was a terrible dance for me. Perhaps he wanted to dance like he was in his 20s. But there are limitations to the 60s, his current age.

But the person who introduced the video said with excitement, “Great! You can still do it!” Perhaps the person was the dancer’s dedicated fan.

And I felt that his fans still loved him. The dancer still seems attractive to them. So his fans are still rooting for him.

We will have some fans

I think that we can say this for ourselves as well. If we give our attractiveness, we will have some fans. They love us because we fill something they lack. So the more we can show our attractions naturally, the more naturally we will have fans without suffering.

And they often keep loving us even if we are away from them for a long time. What they lack is hard to fill for those who are not creative. So they often still love us.

I think this feeling of love makes us relax. We don’t need to sacrifice our values to be loved. Because our fans already love us. The feeling of love makes us more natural.

Of course, we could change. But we can also give our current attractiveness. I think the dancer can also perform the dandy dance of his age. Although it would require some creativity, it would make him more attractive to his fans. And we can also do so if we want to live in more diverse worlds.


So I think that the feeling of love makes us more natural.

If we want to live in more diverse worlds, we don’t need to be another person. Our natural lives also attract other people who lack them.

If we understand this feeling, we might be able to live and perform our attractiveness more naturally.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.