Establishing My Slow Life Fulfilled My Desire to Migrate

Recently, I noticed that several of my long-held desires had been fulfilled. One of them is a desire to migrate. I used to have a desire to migrate all over the world. And to do that, I reduced my belongings. But now, I don’t have so much of that desire.

Perhaps establishing my slow life fulfilled that desire.

Someone may have a similar desire to mine. We want to fulfill our desires. In such a case, my recent experience might be helpful. So today, I’ll talk about it.

Slow life fulfilled other desires

Why I was able to fulfill several of my long-held desires. This reason is simple. Living a slow life was my goal, and migration was one of the means. If I can achieve a slow life, the means don’t matter. After I established my slow life, I realized it.

So recently, I began to increase my belongings because I didn’t need to do so. What I wanted was to reduce interference from society, not to reduce my belongings. If I have enough freedom, the number of my belongings doesn’t matter. I think I had an obsession with reducing my belongings too much.

In addition, my “3-category organization method” (tag: 3-Category Organization) gave me easier change. Thanks to this method, when I migrate, I can easily sort out what is unnecessary and dispose of it. So I was able to increase my belongings without increasing burdens and come to have fun.

Expressing myself was not my goal

And I also realized that expressing myself was not the goal. My slow life also fulfilled it.

I used to think that continuing to express myself was a valuable activity. But I also noticed that living a slow life was the goal, and expressing myself was one of the compensatory activities.

So now I’m writing this blog casually. I realized that I don’t need to force myself to write useful information.


So establishing my slow life fulfilled several of my long-held desires, especially my desire to migrate.

Sometimes, we are confused about goals or means. But in my case, my goal was to establish a slow life. It fulfilled many other desires.

If we understand this possibility, we might be able to fulfill our desires easier.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.