Thinking in Waves Gives Us Energy and the Timing to Do

At last, my tiny vegetable garden was completed! Last week, I got several deep boxes to grow vegetables in. And this week, I carried the soil from a nearby river many times. I did it little by little, every day. It took time because the freshwater part of the river is a little far, but I was satisfied to finish it.

There are also many other things I want to do. I’m going to do maintenance on my fruit vinegar next. After that, I’m going to prepare to start fishing. Now I’m in an active state.

I know some people cannot be active like that. At such a time, thinking in waves might be helpful. Thinking in waves gives us energy and the timing of what to do, especially for those who want to keep their own pace.

Thinking in motion or waves

I like to think in waves rather than the law of motion because we can change easily.

The law of motion tells us, “It’s hard to move at first, but once we start moving, we can continue easily.” I think this is true in many cases.

But there are some problems. First, it’s difficult to manage our motivation if our condition changes. Next, it’s difficult to know what to do next if we have a lot of things that we want to do.

Why thinking in waves is useful

In such situations, thinking in waves is useful.

First, if we want energy to be active, we can amplify the waves. It means that after we do some positive things, we also do some negative things to keep the balance. For example, after we exercise, we have a rest. After we contribute outside, we also contribute at home. After we throw away our garbage, we get some new things.

This relieves our stress because we don’t have to overdo it. And we can keep the balance. And if we want to change something, we can modify the balance. So we can do our activities with comfort.

The timing of what to do next

Next, it tells us the timing of what to do next. After we do something with concentration, we usually feel a limit to continuing it.

At such a time, we focus on other negative or opposite things. After we exercise a lot, we usually want to rest enough. We will understand that we have enough energy to do the negative side of things.

That is my way of keeping active. I keep comfort waves. And it tells me what to do next. If I am satisfied with making my garden outside, I can start making fruit vinegar inside. Perhaps then I will want to go fishing outside. After I use my body a lot, I will take a rest.


So I think that thinking in waves gives us energy and the timing of what to do.

We would have several waves, such as long-term, middle-term, and short-term waves. We would be able to feel the waves.

If we can ride this wave of thinking, we might be able to be active comfortably.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope to see you at the next one.